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Day: November 7, 2020

Your judgment is never helpful

Your judgment is never helpful

November 7, 2020
Your judgment is never helpful. When we use the word judgment, we refer to your classification of things or events as good or bad, rather than acknowledging that you uncover preferences throughout your life that continually define who are are and who you wanted to be in this lifetime. We keep referring to previous lifetimes, for if you even attempt to accept that concept, you might become less judgmental of yourself, which is the entire point of this message.

As we continue to speak of your current global restructuring, you uncover parts or aspects of yourself that seem strange, or you can’t even pinpoint where those emotions and feelings may have originated. You might be moving through some judgment of a previous lifetime. Every judgment you make about another as being wrong or bad is precisely the judgment you are making about yourself, for you are all one. Each lifetime, civilization realizes that more, and you are now an aware, integral part of global evolution. Yes, you are.

The other day during the United States election, we had Roger happen upon a video of a group of protesters at a vote counting center attempting to stop counting the ballets. We had Roger stare at that image and wonder if that woman he saw actually knew why she was banging on the window? The answer is she did not understand why she was banging on the window; this lady only knew that she didn’t want anything to change because the woman knew what she had, and the fear of the unknown was too great.

Each of you is in that exact place, and judging another for the lack of action you may take in your life now will not cause your life to evolve, for you are merely judging yourself. You collectively decided to have the US election’s final results drag on to allow you all time to accept change. You always resist change. Now you know the only challenge you have experienced in your life. You will be fine.

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