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Day: November 6, 2020

Now you have all won

Now you have all won

November 6, 2020
Now you have all won. You will come to understand the meaning of those words by the end of this message, and if you choose to accept them, you will accelerate your evolution and that of the world.

We said yesterday we would reveal more, and the reason we did that was we wanted more of the results of the presidential election in the United States to be known. At the time of this transmission, Roger feels that he knows the presumptive winner even though that is not public knowledge. That sentence is the one that informs this message for each of you.

We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring individual and globally. Your part is discovering what aspects of yourself you have denied for years, decades, or lifetimes. You chose this lifetime to move through many of them. You chose to be here. After all, you wanted to participate in one of the most massive shifts because you desired to expand. Still, you also knew you were so resistant that you required a bit of help, so a global pandemic and contentious election was the perfect combination.

The reason you wanted to be here now is to move through some limitations. You may have thought it had been many things in your life, but that was your singular goal. We have given Roger information for decades, and we have made no secret as to how much he doesn’t trust us or believe what we tell him. You each have done this, or there would be no reason for you to be alive now.

When the pandemic began, we had Roger ask his clients why they created it? While it seemed fun and a light-hearted practice, we were quite serious, and Roger knew that as well. Several weeks ago, we told him how the election would turn out and even the resulting complications. All those around Roger believed he was wrong, so now his already tenuous belief in us was stretched even further.

On Tuesday night, as the election results began to come in, Roger began to think maybe he was wrong or didn’t hear us correctly. That declaration of doubt has plagued him, and you, your entire lives. Here again, that is a desirable place to be.
We said to Roger on Tuesday night that he was making the results of the election a referendum on us when he began to doubt the information we provided. In other words, he was asking should he believe himself? That is the fundamental question you each are asking yourself now.

It was never about who was right or wrong, the election, or even the pandemic, but only about what you choose for your life. None of you accept your rightful place in the world entirely, but you will more now. The division within you and your world will begin to close a bit more. We will explain more tomorrow, but you may be starting to believe us that you will be fine, but please be patient.

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