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Day: November 5, 2020

You will see the light when you learn to love the darkness

You will see the light when you learn to love the darkness

November 5, 2020
You will see the light when you learn to love the darkness. No one is exempt from understanding and accepting this message unless, of course, you choose not to, which Roger attempted to accomplish for decades. That sentence informs the content of this message.

Each of you was born to evolve and become more than you had ever been before. Yes, you are an eternal being and have done this many times, but even if you don’t believe that, the examples from your life will provide you with the evidence you sought to come to believe in yourself.

We had said you are moving through a massive restructuring, but that can only occur through you. We are making that sentence personal to you. We want to impress the fact that so many of you carry around the notion that your participation in this global evolution process is somehow insignificant, and it is not.

You decided in each lifetime, meaning this one, to move through previously held limitations because releasing them allows evolvement to manifest. The difficulty you all experience is your fear of the unknown and your need to conform to what already exists, which halts your progression. You will have experiences that allow you to make choices, and as you do, you discover more aspects of yourself you denied, ignored, or didn’t believe existed.

Because you are all one, your energies come together and create a momentum that causes new structures to emerge. The new structure begins within you. Significant shifts or the restructuring we mentioned require big events for many of you to move to new areas and ways of being, so you provided yourself with a pandemic this time. We know that sounds crazy, but if you make the slightest effort to believe it, you will move through the coming months with greater ease.
Yesterday, Roger sat with a client who questioned what they were experiencing in their lives, why it was only showing up now in their lives, and if it was crazy to think these things, or if what they thought they might do were possible. Roger said, yes.

You have judged parts of yourself as being wrong, bad, and many other "negative" things or things like crazy that seem dark. There are no right or wrong things, or things that are good or bad, but only things you assign meaning, which you then use to navigate your life.

Here is where you are now in your life and the world. When you can examine those things about yourself and others, you have judged and, finally, realize that judging them allowed you to choose who you want to be, you have evolved. You are doing that now, and the pandemic and the United States are helping you. We will give you more on that one tomorrow, but remember, you will be fine.

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