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Day: November 4, 2020

You have never failed, and you’re not done

You have never failed, and you’re not done

November 4, 2020
You have never failed, and you’re not done. We are speaking of the restructuring of you, the world at large, and the United States specifically. Yesterday there was an election in the US where the anticipation of the results and the meaning of those results weighed heavily on all. But not for the reasons you may have thought.

We will give you information that many might find challenging, but we know there are many others who read our words that will find comfort and understanding. Yesterday we told you in a message to practice forgiveness on yourself first, and Roger wasn’t sure what we meant. What we will give you now will be different for each of you but the same for the whole. You will come to understand that sentence.

You come to the world to move through your previous limitations in other lives and the collective limitations of your ancestors, as well as your specific soul family. Those are all those currently in your life. You bump up against one another to stimulate ideas and concepts so you can choose who you want to be. When the election results were being made known, you each had your reaction, which is the one you would do well to examine now.

Roger’s reaction was that maybe he was wrong in what he had interpreted from us, yet Roger was not, but that is also what he has believed for eons, and in this lifetime, Roger decided he would move further from that limitation. You are doing that as well. You each have discarded, discounted, and undervalued aspects of yourself or who you are or could become, and you do it in every lifetime, and each time you do evolve more. You are doing so now, individually and collectively.

We used the United States as an example because of its antiquated election system, which some have questioned by none bothered to change. The perfect union that was strived for was handicapped by not allowed all people to have an equal voice. While the ways of the past may have served a purpose, evolution requires you to move into new ways of being to aid expansion. That sentence is the one each of you was born to uncover now, and you are using the current restructuring of your world to do so. And no matter what you think now, you will be fine.

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