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Day: November 2, 2020

Love always wins

Love always wins

November 2, 2020
Love always wins. We awakened Roger today with those words, and he kept questioning why we were doing so, and we will explain. The next thing Roger did was search our messages, which you are welcome to do, for the word love. Roger discovered what we had told him for decades but is only making sense to him now.

As we have said, you and your world are moving through a massive restructuring, and the new structure that is to emerge is you loving yourself. You think it is about the pandemic, the election in the United States, or other world challenges and difficulties; however, this is about you.

You each are born with your individual missions that then cause the collective whole, meaning all of humanity, to evolve. Your part is essential and can never be judged as right or wrong but merely an element that causes the whole to become more.

We led Roger to a message we delivered years ago, where we said the experience of pure love is more powerful than anything. When you understand that everything is energy, and the lighter the energy, the more powerful it becomes, the next sentence will make sense. Pure love holds no judgment. It becomes more potent because it unifies and gathers more power. You and your world are doing that now.

We will leave you with this and continue more tomorrow. You may discover during this period many of your discarded beliefs about who you are and what you are to accomplish in this life, and when you remember love always wins, you will love yourself, and that was the only goal you had in this lifetime.

Now you may understand why we keep saying; you will be fine.

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