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Day: November 1, 2020

None of this is accidental, and you are evolving

None of this is accidental, and you are evolving

November 1, 2020
None of this is accidental, and you are evolving. We have waited for eons to give you those words, and it is not essential if you believe that; however, if you attempt to accept them, you will find great value in this message.

We actually gave those words to Roger last night, and he spoke a message from us, which he recorded and thought it would be fun to transcribe them, but we told him our idea was better.

We are speaking of the restructuring or your world and you personally, and you all have made extraordinary movement. But that is also the cause of the challenges. Each of you was born to accomplish something for yourself and to add that to the collective consciousness. Each of you is an individual with a unique path charted by your ancestors and those other soul connections you have at birth. These are eternal connections, but because of this, you have no memory because you wanted to do something new, and something you and your ancestors had not accomplished in previous lifetimes. If you believe none of that, you have yet to recognize your significance in the world and the entire process of evolution.

Most of you do not see yourselves clearly, including Roger. But that never matters, for you are provided guides in physical and spiritual forms, and they appear in your life in various ways. Roger has a nephew who is a guide for him, so we said our way of delivering this message would be much more effective. Roger’s nephew sent an email that described Roger so well that it was uncomfortable, and the only response Roger had was, "you’re right." We will take some liberties, which we know his nephew will not mind as he reads our words as well.

To further inform what we will provide, please know that Roger has known this aspect of himself but has attempted to hide it from himself, and the world, until now. We are saying those words because each of you is doing the same in your own way. Do not judge yourself! That is why we say in the end, you and the world are evolving no matter what you feel now or see in the world. You will be fine.
The words from his nephew. (This was not new to Roger, and what you have avoided is not new to you and only part of your road to evolution.)

You are a peaceful, loving intuitive that is DEATHLY AFRAID of division, argument, conflict, violence of any kind, and when you feel that YOU are the source of those things, you are doubly fearful. Overcoming THAT fear (and finding the courage to speak your truth) is so important for you. When you learn to face conflict and STILL respond with truth, compassion, and understanding, even to your "adversary," but you & Wilhelm already know that. In a fundamental way, as a compassionate intuitive, you are here not only to spread this positive side of your gift but to learn how to do so in the negative dimension (some call it Earth) where conflict is unavoidable.

Yes, we were sneaky. We wanted to leave those words for your world, and provide acknowledgment and appreciation to Roger’s nephew. You all possess this gift.

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