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Day: October 18, 2020

Did you want bondage or freedom?

Did you want bondage or freedom?

October 18, 2020
Did you want bondage or freedom? We thought that title might get your attention, but Roger was also asked when he awakened this morning and did not know why. (We apologize in advance for the length of this message; Roger needs it today.) Then he came to his computer, and uncharacteristically for him, he opened an email before conferring with us. We are making this message as "light" as possible for the more of you who understand it, eventually will lead you to more of your freedom as it will Roger. We say more of it, for as humanity, you never achieve that entirely or the world would cease to exist or evolve. Now that sentence will help all of you move through the current restructuring of your world.

Now we have our usual "Roger" story. Yesterday we referred to Roger’s former roommate and their connection to trigger memories within each of them that aid their individual evolvement. Roger did not know why the film the roommate mentioned was one that held significance for Roger until he watched. We told Roger to follow his instinct and watch it as we ask him to follow his intuition and send this message to his entire family, which will lead to more freedom for Roger.

When Roger watched the film, he reflected on the messages we gave to you all about your personal restructuring, using your ancestry, and moving through more of your individual and collective limitations as humans. Roger then remembered this film was introduced to him twenty-years ago by his great-aunt. Roger had no memory why so he called her yesterday and recounted the story, and then the connection made sense. Roger was to "see" his great-grandfather and carry on that work. But Roger thought, "why me?" and then, "could it be me?" Each of you is asking yourselves those questions in your own ways and for your personal reasons, and now we’ll explain that and brilliantly tie it all together, which surprises Roger still when we do so.

Last night Roger watched a documentary that moved him so much because it reminded him of his "job" in this life; as we have said, you all have one, and Roger knows he is to be love, which is why he struggles to say or do things that might be controversial or cause harm to others. He has also held back his progression, which is why we want him to send this to his family.

Roger sent them all an email yesterday recommending a documentary he just watched, as he did want them to see the things that mattered to him, which are empathy, inclusion, acceptance, and love. Unbeknownst to him before, that was his great-grandfather and the connection of his great-aunt. When Roger sent the email, he blind copied all the family members as, again, Roger was attempting to avoid controversy, but we told him he had to give that up, so we got in the way! Remember, we are making this fun.

Roger’s niece and nephew upset the apple cart by responding to all the members about a video Roger also included, describing how China controlled the Coronavirus. (Now Roger knew why we were asking the question about bondage or freedom.) What China accomplished was achieving freedom through bondage, but evolution involves acquiring freedom through acceptance. (That little sentence we threw in was the secret to world peace).

Roger’s niece is Chinese, so her reaction was to the bondage she knew existed, and Roger’s response was only to the choice you could choose freedom for everyone if all wore masks, which indicated to him, acceptance of all. That acceptance is of one another and yourself ultimately. Roger was not able to accomplish this as many of you haven’t until now.

More of you are mysteriously finding your "voices," as is Roger. Both of his nieces have seen their activism surprisingly coming through, which is the restructuring of your world being activated in every individual. As we have said, you will be fine.
One more thing. Study your history. Every pandemic or global disaster always leads to the evolution of all when you choose freedom. And that is complete and total acceptance of all, including your family. Every eon you get better.

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