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Day: October 17, 2020

You could have done more

You could have done more

October 17, 2020
You could have done more. Yes, we mean you personally, the world, and the United States. And yes, we are still referring to the restructuring you and your world are currently experiencing. This message might be a bit lengthy, but we must do it for Roger, and we also know some will find enormous value.

We awakened Roger this morning to the uncomfortable experience of finding his television on broadcasting the news, and Roger saw what we told him would occur. Still, as usual, throughout his lifetimes, he doubts his guidance, as you have. We then led Roger to a message where we told him he would remember who he was. Then we had him "stumble" upon a video entitled "The remembrance of I am."
Again we know relating to the past lives is challenging, so we will remain in this one. We led Roger to one of the messages where we spoke on the subject. But there are so many earlier than this one. But Roger stopped sharing that information as more began reading our words because he didn’t trust himself again.

Last night in conversation with his former roommate Roger recognized he was having difficulty remembering a movie his former roommate mentioned. When that occurs, Roger knows he is meant to see it now as the timing is right. We are throwing that it to alert more of you to the soul connections you have in your life to aid your evolvement. When the two of them meet more than three and a half years ago, it was apparent they were in each other’s lives to work through "issues" together. When that was accomplished, they would have a "conscious uncoupling." We love using that for so many made fun of that term when in actuality is one of the most evolved actions one might take.

Now they each must move on to creating what they wanted when each was born. And they, like each of you, resisted that and for further evidence of that, read our message on codependency. That is a label humans made up to attempt to explain their struggles to evolve. (

In the conversation, Roger said that he heard a video from Tania Gabrielle, whom we have mentioned, and Roger didn’t know if the words he heard from her were hers or ours? We told him there was no difference only that Roger did not trust his. At this time, each of you is having your remembrance of what you intended to accomplish in this lifetime. You can look at that now and know you could do more. You will, and you all will be fine.

We will leave the message to which we referred for your enjoyment, but more so for Roger’s remembrance.

April 9, 2009
"God never gives you more than you can handle." While you have heard this phrase, at times found comfort in it, and seen its truth from your past, it would be helpful for you to examine it in a new way. You are a part of and connected to God, Source, all that is, or whatever terminology allows you to grasp the meaning.

You then give to yourself or allow certain situations and events to appear, to provide you with the opportunity to accomplish something. That very "something" is always about remembering the true nature of your being. You have always done this, and you will always do so while you are in a physical body.

It was always your decision to do this before you came to the physical plane. When you accept this more completely, you simultaneously remember how indeed powerful you are.

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