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Day: October 15, 2020

Your hypocrisy serves no one and least of all you

Your hypocrisy serves no one and least of all you

October 15, 2020
Your hypocrisy serves no one and least of all you. We struggled with Roger for quite a while to get him to write those words, as they are somewhat embarrassing for him. But Roger also knows that his "job" to which we continually refer is to teach, and you cannot teach what you do not know.

Yesterday Roger held his webinar on life purpose, which we told you would be brilliant, and that it was. During his talks, Roger told the attendees that everything they were given in their lives was meant to serve a purpose. And it would do that when they owned every experience and circumstance of their life and seek to extract the wisdom the event was meant to foster in their lives, and therefore the world. Yes, we are still cleverly speaking on the restructuring of you and your world.

This morning we led Roger to a video, and he kept questioning why we wanted him to listen. The video spoke on the connections between physical ailments of the body and spiritual alignment or integration. Roger told others in the group that no matter what they had experienced, it held meaning not only to them but to others when they were willing to embody their experiences.

Roger lived a life with more illnesses and physical difficulties than most and has "somehow" managed to move through them also despite his chronological age. Why would he not speak on this? Now you understand the hypocrisy of which we spoke. You each have it, as does your world, but the good news is your current restructuring is causing you and the world to adjust as Roger is now.

Roger will release his online program, and he wants it to provide others with the tools to reach a state of empowerment in their lives, which cannot occur if you disown any part of you. We are whispering to you and the United States. Yes, we are creative.

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