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Day: October 8, 2020

Self-discovery may frighten you

Self-discovery may frighten you

October 8, 2020
Self-discovery may frighten you. We gave Roger so many titles from which to choose for this message as he was experiencing difficulty delivering it as it was even a bit shocking for him, which is why he must tell the story.

Yes, we are still speaking on your restructuring, but this one is directed at you, the individual. You will apply it to your world later. Yesterday Roger held his empowerment webinar, and the results even surprised him. However, we told him that they should not have surprised him as what he received is what he has worked toward for decades. We would say eons, but most won’t understand that one either.
As Roger sat in front of the participants, he could see his place in the world that had been somewhat elusive for decades, but now it felt different. Roger did not appreciate this at first, as he usually does not, as you do not. Later in the evening, Roger decided to listen to the recording and found himself in a state of shock for two reasons. One was he had never heard himself sound so "connected." Secondly, he was with his roommate as they listened, and the roommate was distracted and annoyed Roger, which was a breakthrough. Roger found his place now and could not allow another to distract him as he had done in the past continuously.

The point we want to make is that each of you will experience this, and your world will also. You move into your rightful, more evolved place in your existence and carry your old fears of the unknown, so you must provide yourself with time to accept the new you because it is self-discovery. Even though you might think Roger, who delivers theses messages, should have known this, he did not, and neither do you. But you will be fine.

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