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Day: October 7, 2020

You will do it better this time

You will do it better this time

October 7, 2020
You will do it better this time. Yes, we mean you personally, your world as a whole, and the United States. We keep referring to the restructuring, for it is what you each wanted to accomplish, for it is the same as evolving. Now the specific restructuring we are speaking on in this message is about you.

Roger resisted receiving this message as he knew we were sending him quite a bit, and he, like you, continually doubts his ability. Still, again you will discover that is an entirely necessary part of the process, and without it, you would not evolve, and neither would the world. We know it is challenging to accept our idea of your many lives, so we will use references from this lifetime to illustrate the point. We say this differently now; Roger has agreed to be used.

Roger has continually run from what he intuitively felt he was to do in this life as you have done. The reason you each have done this is due to fear. We have spoken of this often, but the ironic thing is the fear is the thing that prevents you from noticing what you’re doing. We kept referring to the law of attraction and cause and effect to make our point. But we will stay in this lifetime.

Yesterday we led Roger to an article that spoke on the pandemic of 1918 and how the president of the United States responded in ways as the current president. However, it wasn’t only the leaders, but it was the citizens. They responded in the same manner many are now but for different reasons. If you each were to study that period, you might better understand and accept this one.

Humanity created the pandemic. Yes, we know that may sound shocking until you apply it to your life. You each feel in your own way an urge to change, evolve, or find some meaning in your life. You don’t do so because of fear. Today Roger felt his anxiety about his upcoming webinar. It is not fear this time but more excitement, but even with that, he is unsure.

We will leave with this. We told Roger to find an article we "coincidentally" had him write a few years ago in anticipation of this time. It proved we have always guided him as your guides have done for you. We will leave the link at the end. You might come to believe a bit more you are not living accidental lives.

Now the reason we continually use the United States as the example is that currently, you are in a struggle between love and fear, which humans have done for eons, and each time loves comes out on top or you would not be here. More later, but you will be fine.

January 21, 2018
Everyone is seeking the same thing.

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