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Day: October 6, 2020

All you need do is become willing to step forward

All you need do is become willing to step forward

October 6, 2020
All you need do is become willing to step forward. This message will be one of our most brilliant if we can get Roger to let it come through. We acknowledge his difficulty as we are sending through a lot of information, and, just like you, he continually doubts himself or what he believes he is hearing. We threw that in because each of you has done this, and as we point it out, you may be more likely to acknowledge the limitations you’ve placed upon yourselves.

We still are speaking on the restructuring of your world, the United States, but ultimately you. You each were born with gifts and talents you deny, but you were supposed to do that as well. How could you possibly evolve in this life if you thought you had completed that evolution? Now what most of you do, and your world is doing now, is resist change. The funny thing is you don’t recognize you are doing it, and it is right before your eyes.

The "surprising" awareness we afforded Roger today was why we insisted on using the United States as an example. It is currently all on display, and the timing for the evolution of your planet could not have been better. There is now an election coming in the United States, and each of you there will have to make a choice. You are making that choice in your life, and you only think you are doing about a candidate. First of all, we must say that you need both diverging parties before you so you can make a choice about you.

The choice is always moving forward or stay where you are out of fear. Now you understand the question you placed before you. We told you of the incident yesterday where Roger’s roommate inadvertently had Roger’s car, and we even told you the symbology of that signified Roger’s forward motion in his life. Roger could not become angry, and that made him mad. Roger has known, and any of you who have followed us have heard our attempt to tell him that his job this time was to be love.

You each have your role as he has had his, but you doubt yourself because it hasn’t manifested. Roger planned a webinar for tomorrow, which he felt was what he was guided to do in his life. Weeks ago, we told him that you do not experience stress when you are performing your purpose in this life. As Roger thought about the presentation tomorrow and felt his excitement, he knew that he was finally in the right place as there was no stress. Now he’s made it his mission to help others understand that the same is true for them in this lifetime or another no matter what they think now.

The point of this message is, you were born with a vision of who you are meant to be in this lifetime. You are receiving glimpses of that now, and you only have to step forward.

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