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Day: October 5, 2020

You have marginalized yourself

You have marginalized yourself

October 5, 2020
You have marginalized yourself. We had Roger look up the meaning of that word, which will be an integral part of this message. We have told you that you are moving through a mass restructuring of your world, of you individually, and the United States would lead the way. We discovered yesterday that some of you might have misunderstood our meaning. The United States will lead the way in change, and the only manner it will do that is by changing, just like you will.

When you study the word marginalized, you might push back and think you have not done that, but then you would also be denying your life. You were born to evolve and cannot do that unless you recognize there is more you can do and have not done so. Each of you is alive now to come to this awareness within yourself. Beyond all of that, you are also still connected energetically to your ancestors. Whether or not you believe this, you are using their energies to create your life now in an evolved manner. We will have this make sense.

Yesterday Roger had a conversation with a friend where he said with such clarity the goal he had set for his life, and even when he did so. Again, as we put these dates together, they will align with today and your global movement. It was suggested In 2016, and before to Roger, that he should create a personal development course. Roger said he was not qualified as there were areas of his life. Roger didn’t feel he had mastered, and they revolved around money and relationships. Of course, we heard him and provided him with the tools to accomplish his goal. We sent him his roommate.

The roommate showed up in 2017, and we gave a message shortly after that on autonomy and codependency, which we will leave at the end as it will be fun to see how each of you apply that to your world now. Roger felt he had to work on these "issues" so he could be available to offer what he had gained to others as he has avoided it for eons. We do mean that literally.

Last night we spoke to Roger all night, and it was pleasant for we released old limitations, many of which he has no conscious memory as you may not with those things you know you want to move through. Roger’s roommate was the catalyst. The roommate borrowed Roger’s, which Roger did not know, and then through other circumstances, Roger was without his mobility for more than a day. We thought that metaphor would not be missed on Roger.

Like you, Roger has avoided following what he knew he was to do in this life, and he used many excuses to do just that. Roger did this because he believed the marginalization he and his ancestors were taught for centuries. The only manner Roger could fulfill his life mission was to break free. When he recognized he was the one who "inadvertently" allowed his roommate to cause him to feel marginalized, Roger knows now he will aid others in becoming empowered.
Each of you holds that mission for yourself. And this time in your world is aiding you in that realization.

March 16, 2017
You desired autonomy yet settled for co-dependence. This is also not the first time you have done this. Autonomy means that you know you have developed the ability to make choices and decisions in your life that you know are in your best interest, independent of others’ actions.

On the other hand, co-dependence means that you have chosen to accept a distraction that would keep you from focusing on yourself because you are focused on the other. This is a futile attempt to fulfill a lack you experience in yourself, and it never works. Codependency then becomes an addiction for you, meaning you think you need it to survive.

Now what you desired was to experience the complete freedom to make your own choices and decisions, and that is autonomy.

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