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Day: October 4, 2020

Your misery is due to a belief in separation

Your misery is due to a belief in separation

October 4, 2020
Your misery is due to a belief in separation. As you know, your world is moving through a mass restructuring, which means you are doing that. We also said the United States would lead the way, and your female energies would assume more prominence. Now we will tie all of this together, and of course, we will use Roger.

Yesterday Roger scheduled a group talk, and only one person showed up. Because Roger now trusts his guidance much more, he knew this was the perfect scenario, but he didn’t know why yet. The title of the topic was, "Is the dream I have for my life realistic?" Roger never knows beforehand how handy his topics become.

As he held the session, it took more than forty-five minutes to reach the session’s pinnacle. What that was, and what each of you will come to understand, is that you continually separate yourself from your greatness. You do this by denying parts of yourself, which is what Roger’s client was doing. The client didn’t want to say the challenging situation they had lived with for more than a decade, and then only did so with engulfing guilt. You have done that with your life as well.

Roger then told the client that they had discovered the client’s path to success. Each of you is starting to do this now, and so is the United States and then the world. You will love every aspect of you, which means every other person, which ends up becoming more of that feminine, nurturing energy. The world will begin to reflect the balance you feel within yourself. You will witness much more of this soon.

One final point. More than a year ago, we told Roger that if he builds it, they will come. We were using a reference to a film by saying to you all that if you boldly step out in faith of what you desire to manifest, it will occur, for you are that powerful. Roger planned an empowerment webinar for next week. As he looked at the registrations, he could see those are all the people placed before him to aid them on their evolving journey. It took more than a year for them to show up because he had done the same as his client, separation, but now he does not.

Each of you will do the same when you stop believing in separation and own every part of you. And you will be successful, and you all will be fine.

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