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Day: October 3, 2020

You are your angels

You are your angels

October 3, 2020
You are your angels. This message indicates a significant movement for Roger in his process of evolving. Sharing his story will aid you all during this time. We will use the collective pronoun you, keep in mind, and you will apply it to your world in its current state as well as your life.

The restructuring you are experiencing begins with you, and you have been at it for longer than your consciousness would be able to conceive. But each time you do it, there are certain aspects you want to move through, develop, overcome, or whatever it might take for you to experience more freedom, which is evolution.
Yesterday Roger received a bit of judgment from our message, and his roommate said it sounded as if it were human-made. That statement is the one that set Roger free and informed him of the importance of his relationship with his roommate, which has served its purpose well, and they both will move on.

We are throwing that part in as many of you will find yourselves leaving or dissolving relationships because they have served the intended purpose.

That comment from his roommate was so powerful for Roger because he has believed, as many of you, only certain beings possessed the ability to communicate with higher beings or receive what you think is celestial information. No one soul holds more ability than another, and you spend each lifetime of civilization discovering that, but because you do, you evolve. Each of you is finding your place of expansion now. And you are also the one who must decide to expand consciously.

When we began communicating actively with Roger in 1988, or when he started allowing himself to hear us, Roger controlled the sessions. He would ask specific questions until we gently hinted maybe he might want to trust us, which will allow the information to come through, and he changed the name to any advice for today. Roger knows that any communication from us will hold no judgment, and any from solely him will have judgment as you each are moving through your own. After the comment yesterday, Roger reread the message because, as usual, he doubted himself. He found no judgment, and the entire point of the message was to make each of more aware that your actions have consequences, and when you use them in the direction of what you want to manifest, you are living your life purpose. The good news is you will know you are doing so because you feel good, as Roger does now.

We know this time in your world is challenging, but you wanted it because you will evolve due to your experience now. You will be fine.

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