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Day: September 26, 2020

You get to decide now if you will allow yourself to be successful this time

You get to decide now if you will allow yourself to be successful this time

September 26, 2020
You get to decide now if you will allow yourself to be successful this time. It took us a while to find a title with which Roger was happy as his instinct is to show more concern for others, and he fears imposing on their time. This has been a challenge for him to overcome because it is precisely the characteristic he allowed himself to display that prevented him from becoming successful before. We love how confusing that paragraph might be, but now we will explain.

In 1986 Roger was told that he only allowed himself to go so far in his counseling work and then stopped. Roger has done this throughout many lifetimes as have you, and it doesn’t matter if you believe that, for we will offer proof from this lifetime. Before any of that occurred, in 1989, Roger was told that his actions decades before had helped save another’s life. Roger could not believe that was remotely possible.

We told you of a dream Roger had in 2005 where he ran from a leadership position for which he had volunteered. Each of you has done the same thing, and this current lifetime is providing you with a new opportunity. And yes, it is spurred on by the current conditions of your world, and believe it or not, that is why you wanted to be alive now, and Roger will offer you that proof.

Since his recognition of running from himself in 1986, Roger decided to make a conscious effort to avoid that pitfall. We must say that condition only occurred after decades of disbelief, doubt, unbearable pain, and uncertainty, which more of you are experiencing. Roger trusts his intuition now. And when he "feels" where he is being called, he follows though, even though still with some uncertainty.

This message could go on forever, which was Roger’s initial concern, but we also feel this is too important, and we will impinge on the time of those who want to find a bit more comfort. We told Roger several months ago that his self-doubt would be helpful. Roger did not know how that might happen. And he had dealt with his doubt the entirety of his life. That challenge is also his gift. Each of you will similarly find yours if you decide to be successful this time.

This morning we told Roger of the message we gave him months ago, and now it showed up. Yesterday Roger received an email from a client, and then he knew why we told him what was coming. It is also why we say to each of you that your life experiences are valuable to more than you. Here is the question from the client, and then the message we link to will make sense.

"Sometimes, I feel that I should apply my strengths and skills acquired through performing in another area? Or, is this just fear showing its face?"
Roger’s answer was it was fear.
We will leave the link here as it is a lengthy one, but those who feel urged to follow through will discover more of yourself.

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