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Day: September 24, 2020

A message for your family

A message for your family

September 24, 2020
A message for your family. While we are directing this message to Roger and his family, many of you will relate as you will experience similar circumstances. First, let us say that this is all a good thing, and we will provide a bit of proof.
We have told you that your world is undergoing a massive restructuring. In this process, you must be restructured as well. Please remember we have told you, it is you individually and collectively. We also said the United States would lead the way you are witnessing now, and you will observe more of the same, which informed the urgency of this message.

Yesterday Roger’s nephew sent an email to the family before an anticipated Zoom call today. The intent was to soothe any feelings that may have arisen from the last call, including political discussions. In the email, there was a link to a video, which again was intended to engender peace and acceptance, but it did the opposite for Roger. There was a portion that included a bit of judgment that Roger reacted to vehemently. Roger did that because that is who he is and who he came to the world to demonstrate but was unwilling to do so, at least publicly, until recently. Now he is having his restructuring.

Roger sent an email in response to politely announce his disapproval, but that act was so difficult for him due to his desire to move beyond judgment. That process was uncomfortable for him again, due to what he feels is his purpose. Each of you will experience this, but here is the liberating part. It would help if you did this for yourself because you have held judgment about yourself and the beliefs you hold and attempt to have others accept your thoughts, so you feel validated. It would help if you found self-validation, which is why you were born and when you find that, you will restructure yourself and, therefore, the world.

You will move through some turbulent times ahead as each of you will attempt to prove the others wrong so you will feel right, but in the end, as we have told you, the result will be the same as it has been for eons. You will evolve and come to accept and include more of you. Yes, we mean you and you collectively.

For Roger’s family, we will give you some help in accepting him. Look at the nucleus of your existing "family" now, which is not only composed of blood relatives but those who came into the fold when Roger followed his life purpose. Would you expect him to be any different? Each of you will follow yours eventually.

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