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Day: September 19, 2020

You are in the process of creating a new masculine normal

You are in the process of creating a new masculine normal

September 19, 2020
You are in the process of creating a new masculine normal. First of all, we must again commend Roger, for he has agreed to interpret complicated and uncomfortable information for him. The only way we coaxed him to begin to write finally was to send waves of energy through his body and then have him hear a video that said, "others in the world need your message." Those words meant something to Roger, for he has always maintained a more significant concern for others’ welfare than himself. That little awareness we just gave will inform the rest of this message.

We have said you all are moving through a massive restructuring, and there would be an emergence of powerful feminine energy. The restructures’ purpose is to create more balance in your world, and the only manner that occurs in through a greater balance of feminine and masculine energies within each of you.

In this construction of evolution, which is what it is, you each play an integral role, but that role is also individual to you and your life path. You each have generational restrictions and limitations you desire to move through, and as you do, your importance is manifested in the world. When you uncover the imbalance you have lived with for generations, most of which you have no memory, you will experience all manner of emotions.

We will tie this all together now. We gave Roger a message decades ago that said, in essence, all of your emotions are valid, and when you allow them expression, they will lead you to your beliefs. Your beliefs may or may not be based in truth. Roger found himself extremely angry last night because he recognized he found himself in an uncomfortable position in his life where he had given away his power. The anger was a result of that recognition. There is nothing more painful than to notice you have done this, but also it is the most empowering thing you can do for now; you can regain it.

Roger recognized he had allowed his masculine energy to become fearful as he embraced his innately loving feminine side. We will now give him the solution that you will find for yourself and the world. Embrace every aspect of yourself and know that the act of you finding that balance will have it manifest in the world. The difficulty you and the world will experience for a time now is releasing your old self. Collectively it will be through embracing the new masculine normal. By the way, that new normal is loving. Please be patient with yourself and the world.

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