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Day: September 17, 2020

You have another chance to become successful now

You have another chance to become successful now

September 17, 2020
You have another chance to become successful now. We are making this a general statement as it is one we know each of you feels at this time, and that is purposeful. Your world is in reflux, which is the restructuring we mentioned, so that includes you. We will give you a story which surly will awaken your imagination.

More than thirty years ago, Roger decided to provide life counseling sessions. Roger had no specialized training in this area, but it felt to him to be an intuitive direction. As he began speaking of his services to others, a lady Roger respected highly accepted his offer. They worked together for a while, and the client demonstrated significant progress. Roger, on the other hand, decided to end the sessions. There was a belief within him, carried for generations, which said he could not be the one to possess this talent or ability. You have done that.

Yesterday Roger decided to break that restrictive chain he’s carried and held a webinar where he revealed himself. The difficulty he experienced decades ago was another level of the same limiting belief he’s kept. Roger did not know the impact he might have by just being himself. It wasn’t easy, and this is the part we want you to hear. After the webinar, Roger went through emotionally overwhelming, birthing pains. Roger knew, however, this was part of the process of him getting out of the way.

This morning he began to see the results, and he will see more later, but these were the most meaningful results. Two people sent emails which Roger has yet to read. Still, he knew his efforts yesterday made a difference, and now his life is changed as you will be if you decide to utilize your chance now to be successful, and that is always becoming all of you, no matter how uncomfortable your birth might be.

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