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Day: September 16, 2020

You are growing again

You are growing again

September 16, 2020
You are growing again. We often have said that you have lived before, and each you do, old habits of limitation are released. You are doing that now. We mean you and the world as you are all impacted.

Here’s the good news. It is uncomfortable due to the resistance from you, and we mean the collective you, as in the world you observe. What you see is you and others attempting to hold on to your old selves and limitations. What you feel now is the pull to become more of yourself, and that is oddly uncomfortable.
As we said, you have lived before, we have given you this message before, and we want Roger to place it here as it will be enormously helpful for him, and hopefully you as well, throughout this day.

June 13, 2014
You do indeed experience what might be considered growing pains. These are not of a physical nature as you may have thought, but they are of a spiritual nature. Growing pains is merely a metaphor, meaning that you become uncomfortable, slightly disoriented, and feeling a bit out of sorts, as it were. This is because you gain more wisdom, knowledge, awareness, and come to know and own who you truly are, which moves you into unknown territory.

The entire process is helpful, though, because if you did not have those growing pains, you would not know you had accomplished anything at all. Roger noticed yesterday that he perceived what might be a negative comment about himself, and noticed it had absolutely no effect. Even that experience was new, uncomfortable in a sense, and an excellent reason for having growing pains.

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