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Day: September 15, 2020

You are a slow learner

You are a slow learner

September 15, 2020
You are a slow learner. Yes, keep in mind, we mean you and, we are also speaking to the collective you and the United States. Remember, we told you a mass restructuring is occurring, and you are a part of it, and you wanted to be here at this time to participate. You did so not for some masochistic reason, but your empowerment. Don’t worry; we will make this a fun message.

You each are born with what you think of as "issues" you wish to move through because they are always uncomfortable. You had done this many times, but you have no conscious memory of that. Some do, but it may not be part of your trajectory in this lifetime to remember any of that. Roger attempted this morning and was unsuccessful, and we told him that searching in that direction would be a distraction, and he knows for sure what is in front of him to do in this lifetime.

Yesterday we told you Roger scheduled a webinar for this Wednesday, and he was quite excited until he thought about it again. Roger first decided he would be completely transparent, and then last night, he retreated again and felt he needed to make a different decision. We told him that was not the case, and he was bringing up the fear he has carried for generations, and this time he will move through more of it. What we mean is you each have the individual challenges you were given, and you work through them by deciding to live at the times where it would be most beneficial for your evolvement, which coincides with the restructuring of your world.

The final advice we gave Roger and we will provide to you is to only focus on the intention of what you want to achieve. Each of you will know what that is for you, but we will let you know what it is for Roger with a message we gave several months ago. He hasn’t read it yet, for we thought it would be more fun for him to read it now to further reinforce in him, and maybe you, that there are no accidents, and you are not accidental.

The message:

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