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Day: September 13, 2020

When you become woke, this is how you feel

When you become woke, this is how you feel

September 13, 2020
When you become woke, this is how you feel. We loved using that terminology as it is a new one and will inform this message. Roger heard of a new television show with the title "Woke." Roger felt compelled to watch it and convince his roommate to view the show with him even after his initial resistance. That little element is also essential to this story.

Earlier in the day, Roger was attempting for the second time to fulfill a commitment he made to make telephone calls for the upcoming election in the United States. In the middle of the training, we told Roger he needed to place his focus on his work in this lifetime. Currently, that is his webinar next Wednesday. We also told him this a while back when he was outraged and confused by the debate over whether or not to wear a mask during this pandemic. Roger could not understand why that was a question. Again, we told him that it is not your job.

This morning we had him see a video clip of an older gentleman yelling, "I’m not wearing a mask, and I don’t care if I get sick and die." For Roger, this seemed to be an inconceivable choice, but we told Roger you have to make your choice, as does everyone. We told him this for Roger can see how he has ignored cause and effect, the law of attraction in his life. Or any law that humans have been given as tools to navigate their lives. You choose which lifetime you come to this awareness.

When Roger decided to change course and not make the telephone calls, another friend felt disappointed in him because he was ignoring his obligation. Roger, on the other hand, knew that sometimes he makes obligations and commitments to things that are not his work in this life as a means of avoiding and distracting himself from the work he wants to do, for he holds that fear, as you all do, that maybe he can’t accomplish his dreams.

When he watched the television show, he suddenly saw himself fighting with his truth, not following his guidance, and believing something might be wrong with him, as the television show’s main character. Nothing is wrong with any of you expect you have ignored and denied the guidance you have been given your entire life. To prove it, we led Roger to a series of messages we’ve delivered on chaos, like the one you are experiencing now. You all do this to become woke. (Yes, watch the show.)

The answer to the first query of how you feel when you become woke is, empowered.

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