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Day: September 12, 2020

Your job just became more important

Your job just became more important

September 12, 2020
Your job just became more important. Yes, we are speaking to you, and you were meant to hear it at this time in your life. First of all, we must commend Roger, for he willingly decided to take on interpreting the information we are giving him that is somewhat complicated. Still, he prides himself on making things simple, which is his life purpose. Roger uncovers slowly, just as you do.

Last night Roger found himself watching a movie filmed a few years ago about the African American experience in the United States. As we have said, your world is moving through a major restructuring, and the United States would lead the way. As Roger watched the film, he was shocked at what he had not known, and Roger questioned why he had not seen the movie earlier. We told him because it was not time in his life to have come to this awareness.

Here is the point of the story. You each are born with specific goals you desire to achieve in your life, and those goals are intricately intertwined with those of your world. In the cake’s baking, every ingredient, meaning you, we referred to years ago as you think of your world, is essential and necessary. The challenge you all have naturally is not accepting your significance because you have yet to experience it. When you earnestly contemplate that sentence, it will make sense as it relates to your life.

Beyond all this, you decided to be born at a particular time so you could be alive now to aid your world in its restructuring. And because this time in your world is helping you restructure your previous lifetimes now. That is why none of you have the same "issues" as others. We love using the word issues because none of you have them in truth, but that word allows you to recognize your resistance to change and evolution in your life and that of your world.

Each of you was not meant to know your importance in this world until now, but when you begin to accept the words we have provided in this message, you will utilize this message and time in your life wisely.

Oh, and by the way, the reason Roger hadn’t seen the film earlier is that it would have taken him off his path, and we wanted to point out to each of you no matter what you believe, you have not failed at anything in your life, you are on your path, and as we said, your time is now.

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