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Day: September 11, 2020

No one has taken your power, but you have chosen to give it away

No one has taken your power, but you have chosen to give it away

September 11, 2020
No one has taken your power, but you have chosen to give it away. This message is a bit challenging for Roger as we gave him a lot of information, and he is dealing with his resistance to hearing our words and not believing them, just as you have done throughout your life. However, please understand nothing is wrong, and this is a natural part of evolution. But when you discover what you have done in your life by relinquishing your power, your initial reaction, as Roger is experiencing, is one of self-judgment, which is not useful or productive.

We told you your world is moving through a massive restructuring, and that includes you. We also said the United States would lead the way, and in the message of yesterday morning, we said more would be apparent during the day, and it was. You witnessed a leader who purposefully withheld information to maintain power. You each have lived under those conditions throughout civilizations. As we told Roger this morning, what you are meant to do is cut the umbilical cord. You have held on to the belief you needed to receive your sustenance and nurturance from something outside of yourself. You do succeed through each generation and evolve, but because you have no memory of that, you think something is going wrong now, and it isn’t. Your only challenge is your resistance to change.

We also told Roger, which he did not share with you, for again, it is his reluctance to accept his particular power, which is interpreting our communications. In the coming months, you will experience collective resistance as you, and all others, are resisting change and attempting to hold on to your version of reality.

This morning Roger found himself again in an uncomfortable situation in his life, and it would be easy to blame another. Still, the fact is he also knows he created the problem. You all will begin to understand that superb definition of insanity you coined, which is, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Stop looking at everyone else and decide to change for yourself and harness the power you gave away so long ago.

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