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Day: September 5, 2020

The purpose of fear, depression, and lack

The purpose of fear, depression, and lack

September 5, 2020
The purpose of fear, depression, and lack. We must say it took a while for Roger to allow this message to come through, for he was attempting to find words that would be accepted by the greater majority of you. Roger does this because it is part of his life plan, which like you, he doesn’t always understand and hesitantly accepts.

This morning upon awakening, Roger felt a bit more tired than usual, but regardless, he knew he had to get to his "job," which was to deliver this message, so he followed through. The reason he felt that exhaustion was due to his habit of not wanting to accept his role in the world, just like you! We are attempting to make this lighthearted as you each will experience what we are relating at some point in your life, but it is more fun if you do it now.

The other day Roger led a meeting and threw out the concept that you all chose your parents. One person pushed back on this heavily. The next day Roger rephrased the question and asked, "if you chose your parents, your place of birth, and all the circumstances into which you were born, why did you do so?" When Roger asked that of himself, it became more apparent, as it will for you. None of you were born without purpose and without being a vital part of humanity or all that is. It just takes time for you to know this.

Roger planned a meeting for later this month, but the only way he did so was to "jump" at the idea and just do it. Today, he can see that it leads him to a place he wanted to be in his life, but Roger was more motivated now due to your world’s current conditions, but it is actually due to his remembering why he is alive.

The story is too long for one sitting, so we will only give you this much. We are using this as an example for you to examine your choices of birth. We know that sounds crazy, but it is accurate. Roger thought about the fact that he was introduced to the religion of Christian Science. Then he was led, later in his life, to The Science of Mind. Now, as he examines those "coincidences," they are no longer that, but they were perfect conditions for him to live his life fully.

The point of this message is you each of you was born with specific roles and jobs to do to aid the evolution of all that is. And the time that you do that is up to you, and the guidance that you have to know if you are moving in the right direction is the title of this message. Now reread it.

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