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Day: September 4, 2020

You could not have known before you knew

You could not have known before you knew

September 4, 2020
You could not have known before you knew. Yes, even to Roger, this title sounded familiar, so he searched to see if we had given it before, which we had but with different words. All of this was intentional to prove our point.
Many of you are currently questioning your lives, the world, and, most importantly, your future. We keep saying you will be fine, but it doesn’t feel that way to you. We will attempt to help.

Yesterday Roger held another talk with his group, and again the topic was, "what might I do to help heal the world?" We told Roger the answer before, but as usual, he brushed it off, like you have done so many times in your life when you found it challenging to do something before you that you know you want to do, but your uncertainty most times is more powerful. The answer was that each person would discover that they would help heal the world and themselves if they were to be themselves. Now we have just described how Roger lived his life, making this message more poignant.

When Roger began the group meeting and looked at the attendees, he had a moment of surprise and clarity. Roger saw himself sitting where he always wanted to be, but he also knows that it was not tangible for him before. That is why he couldn’t trust it, just like you. Then Roger heard a video that he knew he’d heard before, and the video was even referring to years earlier, but it sounded as if it were referring to the events of the day. It was, but you are limited to linear time, so seeing your future is typically not within your capability.

Here is the crucial part of this message. Roger came to this place in his life based on several factors, but the main one is he was gradually moving himself to this place. That is why we kept mentioning the law of attraction, and even simple cause and effect. Most of you have not understood those concepts, so you think you might be in the wrong place in your life, yet you are not. As challenging as they may be for some, these current times are helping you all to move to new areas of experience you always desired. Please be patient with yourself.

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