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Day: September 1, 2020

Fear and limitation are purposeful

Fear and limitation are purposeful

September 1, 2020
Fear and limitation are purposeful. We know that those words may not be comforting to many of you, but your earnest attempt to understand our message will help. Each of you is reflecting on your lives and the state of the world and attempting to make sense of it all. We tell you that you will be fine, and this is all part of the process, but without any conscious understanding of what is occurring, you feel your fear and confusion.

Now you will need to take a leap here, but it will be fun. You have lived far more than you know, and each time you did so, you decided to work on something new you wanted to achieve. What that was is specific to you, but you are also connected to all others, so they are affected. What most will do in times of distress is to start to believe they are being punished or have done something wrong. Even groups will think you are all being punished, and that is because you cannot see the bigger picture from where you are now.

You were born because you wanted to evolve. It would be helpful for you to study the definition of that word as most throw it around without understanding its intention. You would not evolve unless you experienced limitation. You would not move out of limitation unless you experienced fear. What you are doing now is evolving, and fear and feeling limitations are uncomfortable, so now you will do something to relieve that discomfort, and as we have said for eons is, you will do so when you are willing to love and embody yourself. You knew this precise time of being on the planet would help you. We will continue to guide you.

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