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You are your government that must change

You are your government that must change

September 30, 2020
You are your government that must change. We must tell you this is not the message Roger expected to receive, and it is one of the most difficult. But because Roger has accepted, although always some reluctantly his role in this lifetime, he slips back into denial, as you have. Denial, while it never really works, will only last for so long, and then the jig is up when you believe it is. We had to lighten the mood, now reread that sentence for greater understanding.

We told you your world is moving through a massive restructuring emanating from the United States, but it must begin with you. Somehow Roger thought he might be exempt from this process, but none of you are, which is why you are alive now. You can choose to either accept the opportunity you’ve been granted in this lifetime to evolve or remain miserable and do it again. Now you see the choice Roger has before him.

Last night there was a presidential debate that displayed all manifestations of the restructuring we have mentioned. The good news is, you all will finally understand what was meant by the meek will inherit the earth. More about that tomorrow. Roger has a webinar he’s holding today, which he’s made quite important. Last night he had something arise in his personal life that caused him to become distracted. Roger could attempt to believe this was accidental, but he knows it is not, and it an "issue" he has tried to maneuver for lifetimes, precisely as your world is trying now.

Roger struggled with being his role, which is love, but not giving it to himself first. Roger thought his meekness was weakness, and it was the opposite, but it was not needed fully until now. Roger has decided to change how he has governed himself and accept his abundance. We are not kidding with that statement, and more of you will have this experience.

The challenges you all experience with lack of anything in your lives are born out of you not accepting your path, guidance, and role. When you are quiet, you will hear it, and if you attempt to blame another, you will not. We will continue tomorrow as we want to fill you in on the day’s subsequent events, as they will be magnificent. Your world will show that if you change.

The salvation of the world depends on you

The salvation of the world depends on you

September 29, 2020
The salvation of the world depends on you. If you experienced any feeling of disbelief from that statement, you have uncovered the source of every challenge and difficulty you’ve experienced throughout your life. We will also brilliantly tie this message together with the current events of your world.

Yesterday we led Roger to a message he received from another source, which referred to what was known as the harmonic convergence of 1987. These events have occurred repeatedly throughout your known civilizations, and they must occur for the world that you know to continue to evolve. You are in one now. You do not have a predetermined destiny, meaning you as the individual and your world at large. So that means the further evolution of your world depends on each of you living now in a way where you step up to the plate and do your job. We threw that in as Roger was given a bit more permission to be himself as we had him listen to Kyron this morning, who delivers information in a manner similar to ours. Roger often judges his frivolity when it actually serves a valuable purpose.

Each of you has known of all the dreams and aspirations you have held in your life. But there is always this part of you that feels insignificant or incapable of achieving whatever that was. For decades Roger has run from what we have told him he could do. Still, like you, he also didn’t understand that he could not break the laws of the universe. They all say your actions, thoughts, and beliefs have a cumulative effect and will eventually manifest with precision the result of all those thoughts, beliefs, and actions you’ve taken. None of this is right or wrong, but only what you individually desired to accomplish in this lifetime. You just don’t believe you can do it, just as your world believes now, but you can change that.

Roger has known of his ability to see potential in others beyond what they can do at their current awareness level. The only reason he knows this is due to his denial of his potential. Yesterday Roger gave his roommate a portion of the online program Roger created through us, and his roommate said that Roger had something so powerful that would aid so many. The only problem was Roger wasn’t sure of that until he received that confirmation, just as you aren’t sure of your direction. But you will fulfill it or remain incredibly uncomfortable for the rest of your life. We are saying that because that is where Roger sits now and knows his part of the world’s salvation will be fulfilled through him, helping you understand your importance.

When each of you accomplishes this, you will have no need to control another, deny another their rights or freedom, and you will never lack for anything of a material nature ever again. You will be fine.

You never feel capable of being yourself

You never feel capable of being yourself

September 28, 2020
You never feel capable of being yourself. While that title may sound a bit depressing for you, we will take it and make it the most uplifting experience you might have today.

We have said your world and, more specifically, you are moving through a mass restructuring, and you are in this lifetime accomplishing things you had not before. That entire concept is even challenging for Roger to believe and write, even though we keep saying it to him. Roger does find more comfort, just like you do, when he hears similar voices echoing the same things as is currently occurring in your world. You are finding yourselves connecting with others in ways that are sparking memories within you of something you have yet to do.

Since that whole previous lives thing is challenging, we will use this life of Roger’s to aid you all. If you have followed us for a while, you might remember the story we told of his early days of life coaching in 1986. Roger discovered he possessed the ability to help others, even more than himself. Roger could not believe he might be capable of this, so he stopped. The other day, we also said that all of you are being provided a second chance, and it showed up vividly for Roger, which still didn’t mean he would accept he might be capable.

You can always "see" your resistance to becoming your best self when you become willing to acknowledge what you witness. Roger did that this morning. We told you of a client who was experiencing doubt in their life now, as are you all. Yesterday this person sent an email requesting Roger’s help to move through this challenge finally. Because it was Sunday, Roger gave himself the excuse that he did not have to answer that, but there was the other part of him that questioned his ability, as you are doing now.

We can make this general statement as each of you is moving through this turbulent period of your life so that you may feel that pressure to become the diamond that has always been within you. You will decide now, and we gave Roger specific instructions that will help you. Roger has a webinar planned for Wednesday, where he has the opportunity to take his second chance and find his capability. We want him to focus only on that, so he breaks his old habit of not preparing to have an excuse for not being capable.

That cryptic sentence means that you live now to become more, and you never know how capable you are until you do what you doubt. You are looking at what you have questioned your entire life now, but that is a great thing! You can see your conscious choices before you now, and only you can decide to find out how capable you indeed are, and that will be what you accomplish in this life.

You must let go of who you believed you were to become who you were meant to be

You must let go of who you believed you were to become who you were meant to be

September 27, 2020
You must let go of who you believed you were to become who you were meant to be. We must first preface this message by saying it has been months in the making because Roger was a bit too timid to deliver it, informing so much of this message.
Please keep in mind that we are referring to the collective you, or your world throughout the entirety of this message. And we will continue to use the United States as an example. As we have said, but many don’t believe it that you have lived many lifetimes, and in each one, you want to accomplish more or evolve to a greater degree because it causes your world to evolve as you are all one. You never fully understand that one in any lifetime and particularly this one.

Each of you is born with the ability and tools to use to navigate your lives in a way where you would achieve the goals you set forth. Those tools have been called many things over the millennia, such as karma, cause and effect, and attraction law. They are all the same. They always work, and you can’t operate in opposition to them. But that is what you attempt to do in each lifetime. To alert you to the fact you have done so, you will experience lack, depression, illness, unhappiness, pandemics, and every other form of uncomfortableness to guide you back to your path. Don’t worry; we will prove it now.

We told you of the "reunion" of sorts Roger had with his family and specifically his older aunts. Roger asked one of them of a memory he held of his great-grandmother. Roger remembered a story where he was told that he would never leave her rocking chair after she died because Roger missed her so much. When he asked his aunt about that story, which he believed she had told him, she informed him she hadn’t. Now what we are revealing is what Roger did not know. Roger was experiencing even at a very young age, his disconnection from us, or his guidance. He only thought it was his great-grandmother. Roger began attempting to block us out at a very young age, as many have done and are doing now when you hear your guidance.

Roger would have visions at night that terrified him, so he did everything for years not to listen to them, and he endured unbearable strife by doing so. Today we made it so uncomfortable for him physically that he had to write this for he has known his physical symptoms have always been his resistance to who he was meant to be. Yes, you were meant to be something as well, and it was something essential that would add to the world’s evolution.

We told Roger to focus on his job to motivate and inspire others, for there will be much strife for the world to move through forthcoming. Just as you have attempted to hold on to the old idea of you, so is the world, and that is not evolution.

Here is the part that Roger did not want to write. You all have been lying to yourselves. You have known you were doing so but did not know how to break free of those limitations. You are doing so now. Since the world placed the United States in a leadership position, it is leading the way to evolution in this current restructuring. You can not continue to lie to yourself and expand at the same time.
The United States then elected a leader who would allow you to examine the lies you have told yourself about who you are. You have done this for centuries because you had to choose who you wanted to be.

We are not giving you an opinion but only a cosmic fact. If you take the time to examine your history, you will find this thread throughout. You struggle over the acquisition of power and subjugate one another to acquire more. The only problem with that concept is you have forgotten that all power is within you and cannot be accessed, used, or made powerful unless you come together within yourself, for that is the oneness you have all sought, and you must do that first before you see it manifest in the world.

Roger is doing that now, which is why this message is so long, and because he is Roger, he would like to apologize for that, but at the same time, he knows it aided so many of you. You will be fine.

You get to decide now if you will allow yourself to be successful this time

You get to decide now if you will allow yourself to be successful this time

September 26, 2020
You get to decide now if you will allow yourself to be successful this time. It took us a while to find a title with which Roger was happy as his instinct is to show more concern for others, and he fears imposing on their time. This has been a challenge for him to overcome because it is precisely the characteristic he allowed himself to display that prevented him from becoming successful before. We love how confusing that paragraph might be, but now we will explain.

In 1986 Roger was told that he only allowed himself to go so far in his counseling work and then stopped. Roger has done this throughout many lifetimes as have you, and it doesn’t matter if you believe that, for we will offer proof from this lifetime. Before any of that occurred, in 1989, Roger was told that his actions decades before had helped save another’s life. Roger could not believe that was remotely possible.

We told you of a dream Roger had in 2005 where he ran from a leadership position for which he had volunteered. Each of you has done the same thing, and this current lifetime is providing you with a new opportunity. And yes, it is spurred on by the current conditions of your world, and believe it or not, that is why you wanted to be alive now, and Roger will offer you that proof.

Since his recognition of running from himself in 1986, Roger decided to make a conscious effort to avoid that pitfall. We must say that condition only occurred after decades of disbelief, doubt, unbearable pain, and uncertainty, which more of you are experiencing. Roger trusts his intuition now. And when he "feels" where he is being called, he follows though, even though still with some uncertainty.

This message could go on forever, which was Roger’s initial concern, but we also feel this is too important, and we will impinge on the time of those who want to find a bit more comfort. We told Roger several months ago that his self-doubt would be helpful. Roger did not know how that might happen. And he had dealt with his doubt the entirety of his life. That challenge is also his gift. Each of you will similarly find yours if you decide to be successful this time.

This morning we told Roger of the message we gave him months ago, and now it showed up. Yesterday Roger received an email from a client, and then he knew why we told him what was coming. It is also why we say to each of you that your life experiences are valuable to more than you. Here is the question from the client, and then the message we link to will make sense.

"Sometimes, I feel that I should apply my strengths and skills acquired through performing in another area? Or, is this just fear showing its face?"
Roger’s answer was it was fear.
We will leave the link here as it is a lengthy one, but those who feel urged to follow through will discover more of yourself.

You will succeed together and a message to Stan

You will succeed together and a message to Stan

September 25, 2020
You will succeed together and a message to Stan. We love this message so much as will you when we tie it all together. Yesterday we gave you a message regarding your family; well, actually, we used Roger’s family, for they served as a perfect manifestation of what your world is experiencing now. We are giving Roger a lot of information, so be patient.

In yesterday’s message, we mentioned Roger’s family would have a Zoom call, preceded by the apprehension of any impending conflict. That is what is happening in your world now, and the United States specifically. You each typically require a bit of conflict before you are ready to own yourself and your place in the world. The call went beautifully and better than any of them expected, and unbeknownst to most of them at this time, they each actualized empowerment within themselves. It did go well due to Roger’s older brother, who decided to take a leadership position. Your world needs this now. But again, it must be actualized in each of you first before it manifests in the world.

During the call, Roger began to speak of Stan and decided to share Stan and his father’s photo with the rest of Roger’s family. They all looked at the picture and thought it was Roger; even his 83-year-old aunt attempted to figure out what time that picture might have been taken. We are mysterious because it’s so much fun.

This morning we gave Roger the most excellent definition of coincidence, and each of you will discover it as your world is doing now. A coincidence is a previously planned event awaiting your recognition and utilization. Don’t you love that? Roger had his recognition by seeing that photo. When Roger "coincidentally found" Stan online one day, Roger intuitively knew this was a direction for both of them. We have described how every relationship shows up in your life, and no matter how it feels to you, even the "horrible" ones are there to aid you in your quest for empowerment.

Roger and Stan have a webinar planned. Stan is currently sitting in a place of concern where Roger has lived many times and what Roger knows is that this will allow Stan to evolve and Roger. They will surmount this challenge together, which is what your world is doing now. You see, it comes down to you becoming willing to succeed together individually and collectively, and Roger’s family was a beautiful demonstration of that yesterday.

A caveat. Roger’s 92-year-old aunt attended the meeting and provided them with a proud family history none of them had none. Each of you has a proud family history that you are actualizing in your life now due to the pandemic. We so love using that, and please know you will succeed just as you have for eons and the result, as we have said, is you evolve. We did mean that collectively, for there is no difference between you and them. We know this is long, but it will be worth it, and yes, Roger, send it to your family.

Sorry, one more thing for Stan. You did not make a mistake. None of you have.

A message for your family

A message for your family

September 24, 2020
A message for your family. While we are directing this message to Roger and his family, many of you will relate as you will experience similar circumstances. First, let us say that this is all a good thing, and we will provide a bit of proof.
We have told you that your world is undergoing a massive restructuring. In this process, you must be restructured as well. Please remember we have told you, it is you individually and collectively. We also said the United States would lead the way you are witnessing now, and you will observe more of the same, which informed the urgency of this message.

Yesterday Roger’s nephew sent an email to the family before an anticipated Zoom call today. The intent was to soothe any feelings that may have arisen from the last call, including political discussions. In the email, there was a link to a video, which again was intended to engender peace and acceptance, but it did the opposite for Roger. There was a portion that included a bit of judgment that Roger reacted to vehemently. Roger did that because that is who he is and who he came to the world to demonstrate but was unwilling to do so, at least publicly, until recently. Now he is having his restructuring.

Roger sent an email in response to politely announce his disapproval, but that act was so difficult for him due to his desire to move beyond judgment. That process was uncomfortable for him again, due to what he feels is his purpose. Each of you will experience this, but here is the liberating part. It would help if you did this for yourself because you have held judgment about yourself and the beliefs you hold and attempt to have others accept your thoughts, so you feel validated. It would help if you found self-validation, which is why you were born and when you find that, you will restructure yourself and, therefore, the world.

You will move through some turbulent times ahead as each of you will attempt to prove the others wrong so you will feel right, but in the end, as we have told you, the result will be the same as it has been for eons. You will evolve and come to accept and include more of you. Yes, we mean you and you collectively.

For Roger’s family, we will give you some help in accepting him. Look at the nucleus of your existing "family" now, which is not only composed of blood relatives but those who came into the fold when Roger followed his life purpose. Would you expect him to be any different? Each of you will follow yours eventually.

No one has ever held you back for you have done that yourself

No one has ever held you back for you have done that yourself

September 23, 2020
No one has ever held you back for you have done that yourself. Roger thought that title might be a bit harsh, but it is also the one that will be the most helpful for all. This message might be a bit depressing at first, but then it will turn hopefully, and finally, it will be liberating.

We have told you there is a massive restructuring occurring in your world, and the United States would lead the way, but the part we said which many of you have yet to accept is that the restructuring must occur first within you. Many have trouble with this part of the concept because you don’t believe you are that significant or could affect your world’s outcome, and that is where you are wrong because you are your world, and you are creating it now.

This morning, Roger was awakened by his roommate, which we orchestrated because it triggered Roger’s memories that inform this message. When Roger looked at his roommate, his first reaction was to become annoyed, but then he remembered his role in the world. Then we had Roger revisit a memory of more than thirty-five years ago where Roger received a phone call from someone in trouble who Roger did not know but spent the next several days and countless hours offering counsel to this unknown person. These incidents were signals to Roger to remember why he was here. You each have yours, and many of you feel them screaming at you at this time, and you will decide if you will continue to hold yourself back.

Some time ago, we told Roger to let go of the mask issue, so many are currently arguing over. Roger would use that as another form of distraction because his nature, as pointed out earlier, is to offer help to anyone who might need it. Roger was one of the first people to obtain a mask when it was thought they might be helpful. Roger also knew he wasn’t doing it for him but others. Are you noticing a pattern here?

Also, keep in mind that all of you will acknowledge more though this scenario of the mask. You each desire to know that cause and effect are real, and the law of attraction operates efficiently and continually. It is true in your life and the world.

Now we will give you the liberating part. You each have lived many lives, and in each one, you evolve individually and collectively. Not all of you will perform the same tasks, but all of them are necessary.

You, like Roger, must acknowledge and own yours in this lifetime. For Roger, it was allowing his compassionate side to become powerful. We tricked you all there, for that is the restructuring we spoke of, and as we said and stand by, the United States will lead the way, but just be patient as you must be with yourself. You’re welcome.

The secret to success

The secret to success

September 22, 2020
The secret to success. We will indeed provide you with the secret you’ve sought, but you will still face the dilemma you’ve maintained and entertained for eons, and this, will you believe it?

This morning we led Roger to a video of a reading of the book "The Secret Door to Success," by Florence Scovel Shinn. We have mentioned Florence before and do so again here for context. Roger knew he read this book more than forty years ago, just as he had read other works of hers. Roger hesitated as he looked at the video this morning before deciding to listen, for he knew he might hear something uncomfortable, of course, as we have always lovingly provided. Yes, we were attempting to inject humor.

The principles espoused in the books are ones that have existed throughout your eternity. Still, you don’t understand or accept them until you have extracted the wisdom you were meant to gather in this lifetime. The essence of all of Florence’s book is, and the secret door to success, if you are willing to walk through it, is opened by you believing in yourself. That sentence is complicated, so that you would reread it.

We will continue with this thread in future messages, for we want you to attempt to embody and truly feel how important you are, for that is the secret door to success, but you must open the door.

Become willing to think bigger

Become willing to think bigger

September 21, 2020
Become willing to think bigger. As you move through your life, you are presented with numerous opportunities to become the person you desired in this lifetime, but most times, you don’t believe that is possible because those things have yet to manifest. This scenario is real for every soul, or you would not be alive now.

We have given you the idea of possibly having lived many lives, but you don’t have to believe that to understand this story. Roger received a message from a former associate of many years ago. When they met, this person stimulated some thinking within Roger as to how to increase his business. When the associate blurted out what this entity might be called, Roger noticed his resistance. That resistance arose from his lack of belief and inability to embody fully the vision he was given. You each have done this throughout your lives, but it is what you wanted to do as each moment of your life is another step forward to embracing all of you, which is, in essence, evolution. You are doing it now.

The other part of this story that we didn’t want Roger to miss was that the last time this associate appeared, Roger’s business increased. Then when the name that the associate suggested was mentioned, we had emojis show up on Roger’s phone to alert him to our feeling that this was the right step. Roger doesn’t know whether or not to believe those things were signals, but they were, and you each receive them, but again, you don’t believe them because they are not here yet. They will show up if you decide to think bigger.

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