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Day: August 10, 2020

You will be surprised to discover who you are

You will be surprised to discover who you are

August 10, 2020
You will be surprised to discover who you are. Yes, we mean you, as no one is excluded, and we also mean the collective you, as in everyone. As you move through your life, you evolve and expand, and every step of the way, you are awakened to something new about you that you previously missed, and it is always a feeling of somehow being more. You may not know this as you are moving through something challenging as you and your world are now, but you discover who you could be, and that will surprise you.

This morning we led Roger to a video, which again, he stared at for a moment before deciding to listen. Roger has of late been far more trusting of our guidance, so he knew we wanted him to listen. You each have the same guidance you sometimes choose to believe is real, and other times dismiss as a bit crazy. When you do the latter, you cut yourself off from infinite intelligence that is always available.

The video was of someone speaking on Edgar Cayce’s interpretation of the book of Revelations from the Bible. Many of you will dismiss some information if you have formed certain prejudices against that information rather than sampling it and discerning for yourself if there is value to be had. When Roger listened, he heard confirmation of what we have told him for decades. We are pointing this out because Roger is such an excellent example for you all as now he knows what his life has informed him to be, but he fought it every step of the way, as you have.

In the video, the presenter was delivering this information in such an excited way because they also felt they had discovered something that offered them further belief in themselves. They repeatedly said, "if you are listening to this now, you are meant to be here." We are saying those words to each of you. You have questioned your life journey, but we will tell you it was never "wrong." Now, you may begin to believe it, like Roger.

There is consistency in your life journey you will discover, and because you are here, it will be empowering. We will have much more, and we will offer a greater understanding of your world’s current conditions, but you will be fine.

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