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Day: August 6, 2020

Please be patient with yourself as you move through this change

Please be patient with yourself as you move through this change

August 6, 2020
Please be patient with yourself as you move through this change. Yes, we are speaking to you all but some more directly than others, and to Roger, we are yelling these words. That sentence will make sense to you, and it will be helpful.

We know that many of you are experiencing fear and uncertainty as you move through this global shift, but we will give you some esoteric views that will help you. First of all, you each are born with specific goals and purposes for this lifetime, and you will not die, or leave your physical body until you have done that. Even when you witness those you believe are dying now before their time or too young, they have fulfilled their purpose. Part of their purpose in their death might have been to help you wake up to your living.

Yesterday Roger spoke to many who were feeling a bit lost, but others who felt inexplicably hopeful. Both stances are helpful. Now we will explain why and how Roger will help you. We have given Roger information for decades, which sometimes he believes but most times doubts. He even does this when he received irrefutable proof of what we have told him. Now when Roger hears the information from another, he is more likely to accept that guidance as he did this morning. We are saying this because each of you has denied your internal guidance.

For years, we have told Roger that his benevolent nature would win the day, but he only now is giving that belief prominence in his life. We had him see the words, "love is your guide" first thing this morning. We have told him that, and even though he sees the financial results of following that path, he continues with a bit of doubt as it has become a habit. However, now he is finally listening to himself, and that is what you will do and why we are giving you this message.

As a final piece of proof on our part, we will leave you with a thread of messages we have given Roger about money and riches. Each of you will experience an abundance of both when you become patient with yourself through this change.

We want Roger to read the thread as it will be helpful for him, but you all can listen in.


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