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Day: August 5, 2020

You have made it all about money

You have made it all about money

August 5, 2020
You have made it all about money. The title of this message is the answer we gave Roger when asked us how the United States would lead the way to the restructuring you are all experiencing. Then we told Roger we gave you the answer several years ago and you merely need to study it again. We will post it below for as you study it and apply it to your world today you will understand and accept its truth.

We are speaking to you, the individual, and the collective you. Also, we are not speaking only of this time but many civilizations. If you were to study your history, you can’t miss this point. Now the part you have not acknowledged is how you have done this in your life, so of course, it would be manifested in the collective you. In this instance, however, we will use the United States as an example.
To evolve means that you integrate every aspect of who you are, which means inclusion. You have used money to measure your self-worth, and in doing so, you make others more significant than you and others less.

For centuries, when operating in this manner, you create a cumulative effect that, if left unchecked, will halt the evolution of all that is. Now that will never occur; however, it just slows things down. But then you have a great adjustment, which is what you are experiencing currently, which is why we keep saying, you will be fine. This information will make sense, just give it time.

February 22, 2017
Money, love, control, and power are intricately woven together in your life so much so that you have difficulty recognizing the distinctions. This very issue is the cause of many difficulties you and others experience. It will take some time for you to decipher all of this, but this is an excellent place to begin.

You begin to associate money with love, power, and control because that is how you grew up. If your parents or those in charge gave you something of value or money, you associated that with being loved, but you also associated this with your parents holding all the control and power. You then begin to usurp those characteristics and begin using them in your own life. You will think that if you give another enough money, you will feel loved, and experience your own power as well as control over others. This is never what you are truly seeking.
As you can see, this is just a beginning. Ponder this for a bit.

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