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Day: August 4, 2020

You cannot be enlightened or empowered and hold judgment

You cannot be enlightened or empowered and hold judgment

August 4, 2020
You cannot be enlightened or empowered and hold judgment. It took a while for Roger to craft those words, and decades of his life experience to begin to understand them. We aim to lessen that time for you.

We led Roger to a message of a year ago to impress upon him and you that it requires time on your part to gain understanding. The message we gave before was the peace of understanding, but what he experienced yesterday was the peace that comes from understanding, which many of you could use now.

We have mentioned some of the thought leaders Roger has admired, and two days ago, he understood why. Roger searched the other day, of course, prompted by us, to look up Napoleon Hill and Florence Scovel Shinn, as it felt to Roger as they were similar. During that search, he also saw Wallace Wattles, who we’ve also mentioned, placed with them. It then all made sense. All these leaders held beliefs about the innate power you all hold and the universal laws that govern them. Roger also knew how many of those laws he had not followed. That’s when we told him not to judge himself, which we are saying to you as you continue.

Roger then noticed the judgment he held of others who were not responding to the current pandemic in the manner he was. We told him he was again using a distraction to keep him from the work he felt called to do in his life like the three leaders he was "led" to follow. Roger then understood that all those who operated differently and disagreed with him were necessary for that is the only manner you and the world evolve. You require contrast to make choices. When he realized that, he experienced incredible peace and a willingness now to get on with his work.

Also, we had Roger hear videos that recounted similar feelings you all are experiencing now, that were recorded several years and decades ago. Evolution is a process, and you all will do it eventually.

The message:

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