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Day: July 12, 2020

You and the world are evolving, and you cannot fail

You and the world are evolving, and you cannot fail

July 12, 2020
You and the world are evolving, and you cannot fail. We know those words may fall on deaf ears for many of you, but it will be your experience. The other day Roger’s friend asked him how he could know the information we provide him is true or accurate, and we will tell you that he did not know beforehand and only recently began accepting more due to the proof we have given. What we are describing is your life. You have had ideas of who you might become in this world, followed by constant doubt and uncertainty, which you and the world are experiencing now.

We will leave one of our earlier messages to offer further understanding. When we delivered this message, Roger didn’t believe us either, but now over time, he can see the evidence of what we said. While we will continue this conversation for quite a while, we will leave you with something we gave you some time ago, and now it might make more sense, especially when you think of it while reading the message we will post here. The statement was that even Hitler went to heaven. There is no such thing as heaven, but the concept will make you aware of the choices you are making in your life. In other words, you, meaning the world, will allow catastrophes, calamities, pandemics, and all manner of disruptions in your personal life and that of the world so might be moved to evolve. That is why you are finding yourself now finally willing to do what you were meant to do in this world. And due to that, you and the world evolve.

May 3, 2019
You cannot go back and be happy. You didn’t want to write that sentence for you thought that if you could avoid it, you would not be required to fulfill your life purpose. While that last sentence may sound a bit insane, it is what most do. However, you have more difficulty with this concept because you have chosen a career where you might offer this guidance to others; you know that you can only accomplish that if you become the example, but you pretend not to believe the first sentence of this message.

We will give you and others this information to help you move through this period in your life. There is no hierarchy of souls, and all are necessary for the evolution of your world. Do your part.

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