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Day: July 8, 2020

You are a teacher responsible for the condition of your world today

You are a teacher responsible for the condition of your world today

July 8, 2020
You are a teacher responsible for the condition of your world today. Yes, we mean you. You will love this message, for if you have been following us for any length of time, the trajectory we have taken you on will be unmistakable. We are using the collective you.

First of all, we must commend Roger again, for we awakened him at 3 AM this morning, and we were quite loud and noisy in doing so. We must do this for him as he does not always want to hear what we have to say, just like you. The manner in which we awakened Roger was through a video playing on his phone of Dr. Wayne Dyer, who we have mentioned before. Roger still has no conscious awareness of how that happened. The reason we did that was Roger has held an affinity for Wayne quite early on in his initial venture into what he called personal development. Roger felt they had similarities, but he thought he could never live up to that image. That is what each of you has falsely believed about yourselves, and that is why your world is in its current condition.

Do you remember how we have continually said there is no hierarchy of souls? That is because it’s true, but you thought it could not be true for you. While you might be experiencing a tremendous amount of fear and uncertainty during this time due to your world conditions, Roger is feeling alive more than ever because of them, and now we will explain. Roger’s adventures of last night will help.

Those of you who know Roger will not make sense of this immediately, but this element of the story will aid you. We mentioned Roger’s roommate and the excruciating pain he was experiencing because Roger experienced it as well. Unbeknownst to many, throughout his life, Roger has experienced an excessive amount of physical and emotional pain in his life, he only understands fully now. His roommate was finally able to sleep, so as not to disturb him; Roger decided to eat elsewhere. Roger makes those decisions as he understands what others are feeling due to his history, just as you do. While he was out, we told Roger to send a video to his associate, who was also experiencing some depression and hopeless as many of you. Roger knew what his friend was going through as Roger had done this many times throughout his life. It is clear to Roger why these two people are before him as he can see their potential and who they will become because he couldn’t see it in himself. Roger can now see this in all others, and it has informed his life purpose.

We know this is long, but also important. We have spoken of the program Roger has been creating, which we gave him all the information, but he didn’t believe us. Roger kept saying there was more to do, or he had to shoot more videos, or maybe his work before wasn’t good enough. See, you have done that your entire life. A few weeks ago, Roger had the bright idea to send some unedited videos from the past four years to his editor in Bangladesh, which Roger loves doing, for it feels he is helping even more. Last night he decided to revisit a few.

New paragraph, as we want you to pay attention. Roger discovered he already had everything he needed, and the only thing he was missing was his belief in himself, just like you. When you decide your life has meaning and value, and you become willing to share it with the world, you will fulfill your role as a teacher, and your world will experience great healing. Now it will do that regardless, but how quickly will be up to you.

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