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Love your excuses ; the corrected version

Love your excuses ; the corrected version

July 31, 2020
Love your excuses; the corrected version. While we said to Roger in our previous version which none of you have seen as Roger "accidentally" deleted the message, was to look at his excuses. You may wonder why he deleted the message, and he knows the subject itself is challenging for him. We will give you the condensed version, which may even make more sense to you now.

We told of Roger’s restless night, where he attempted to blame all others for his disturbance. This behavior is not new to him or you. First, he tried to direct it to his roommate, but that is a familiar excuse easily uncovered. You might ask why he, and you have done this, and we will give you the answer.

We have spoken of the references to 2005, where Roger discovered a folder that contained dreams he had, which he remembered and tried to ignore. Roger even told himself it was only a dream and not to be taken seriously, so he could just ignore it. He has not been able to do that for more than these last fifteen years, and you have not been able to do it either. The dream told him who he wanted to be in this life, and he knew he volunteered for it but then immediately doubted it was real, or more importantly, that he could do it or had the ability. You each have done that.

When he couldn’t sleep, he "accidentally" turned on a video where the speaker said, "I am speaking directly to you. You have doubted yourself for years, but now is the time for you to change that." We paraphrased heavily. We said to love your excuses as those are the words we gave Roger years ago, and he even turned them into a process he has in his online program. When you decide to love them rather than judge them or you, you will achieve your goal of becoming a self-empowered person.

We told Roger and you that you teach what you need to learn, and only now does it make sense to him.

You were meant to be here now

You were meant to be here now

July 30, 2020
You were meant to be here now. Yes, we are speaking to you directly, and yes, we mean at this particular time in your history, and that of the world. You may think you would not have chosen this specific time to be alive, but that is never true, and it is also the thinking that has prevented you from living your life fully. The timing of your life is always accurate.

We must tell you that we have been yelling the title of this message for quite a while to Roger, but he knew we had a lot of information, and his first instinct is not to impose on the time of others, so he resisted. Now that is the story he has told himself. But underneath all of that, just as with you, he wasn’t confident in his ability to translate it all effectively. What we mean is each of you doubt your talents and abilities as we have often said, but that is necessary for you wouldn’t know you have them if you didn’t initially doubt them. That sentence will make sense.

We will only speak on one aspect of this information to appease Roger with his time consideration. Roger noticed some time ago that many more were reading our words. He doesn’t know how they are finding the messages, but he also knows that they couldn’t have found us earlier as he has always held himself back, just like you. But now, due to your world’s current conditions, he is more inspired to be himself. Many of you are experiencing that currently, and it is not accidental. Even the timing of this and all your life events are designed to aid your expansion. You may find yourself taking confusing actions, but at the same time, knowing they are the things you’ve wanted to do but needed a little push.

We know that things can feel a bit bleak at times, but even those times do serve a purpose in your life. We will continue this thread later as Roger doesn’t want us to carry on, but in 2005 we told him who he was to be, but it only made sense now. You will come to understand this within your life.

You are causing the world to evolve

You are causing the world to evolve

July 29, 2020
You are causing the world to evolve. Yes, we mean you. You will now understand why, over the last several months, we continued to emphasize that we are speaking to the collective you. We have recently sent so much information to Roger that he was experiencing difficulty receiving the information for two reasons. The first is his lack of belief in what we are telling him or his lack of belief in himself. The second is his generational path of evolvement. Some will not understand this, but some will. You have lived many lifetimes, and in each one you are moving through your individual limitations. And they are always limitations or would not be in a state of evolving.

We told you the United States would lead the way in the restructuring of the world that is occurring now. They are doing so because they are continuing to answer the existential question of whether I choose for me or the common good. We told Roger that he had no choice as he was listening to us, and we can only make one choice. Roger also knows that his ego does not always allow him to listen to us as you don’t listen to yourself.

We don’t have a choice because we know that whatever choice you make for yourself, you are making for all. When you examine your history, you cannot escape this fact. In your earliest civilizations, you labeled particular people to be greater or lesser than another. You did this by gender, sexuality, and ethnicity.

Over time you began to see that inclusion might be more productive. You didn’t even initially recognize that the ones you made lesser, namely the female gender, were the ones who sustained your existence. Gradually you made new choices, but because you fear change, you needed pandemics or world wars to do so.

Evolution occurs when you find balance first within yourself, and then it will be reflected in your world. The balance you are seeking within yourself is acceptance of every aspect of you. Can you see how that is the way forward in your world?

It feels so great to be you

It feels so great to be you

July 28, 2020
It feels so great to be you. Yes, we are speaking to you directly, and the only difficulty you have had in your life is due to you not knowing that fact. The reasons you may take a while to understand this may not even be due to your thoughts and actions, but also the ones you have accepted and still carry with you. We will tell a story to explain.

Some time ago, we delivered a message entitled, "Transparency and liberation are the same." Not even Roger understood that fully until yesterday. Roger had this urge to send a communication to his subscriber list, which was inspired by his watching a ceremony for Rep. John Lewis. Have you ever thought about why you require the actions of others to inspire you? The answer is you all fear change. Your level of accepting that fear of change is different for each, and yours does serve a purpose.

In the video Roger recorded, he recounted things about his life he had never revealed publicly. However, this time, unlike where he might have done this and hidden himself away after, he now felt the liberation of which we spoke. As he took that leap, we allowed him to see another erroneous belief he carried, which each of you has, and it will also explain the current social disruptions you are witnessing in your country and the entire world. You are in the midst of a global shift.

When Roger was younger, he always noted that his skin tone was darker than the rest of his family. He would make jokes and say, "I must have been adopted!" When Roger would go out to play, his mother would say to him, "stay out of the sun because you don’t want to get too dark." His mother said those words as she thought it was protecting him in some manner because of the culture at the time. Unknowingly Roger carried that erroneous belief that somehow being darker was bad. How could he have ever hoped to feel great about being him while holding that belief?

That story is within each of you in your own way. As you resolve this conflict within yourself, it will manifest in the world, and that is the healing you all seek. You are one of the last ones to come to know how great it feels to be you.

You will remember who you are

You will remember who you are

July 27, 2020
You will remember who you are. Over the last few months, we have given Roger some complicated information that he sometimes has difficulty interpreting, but today is a new day. Roger, just as many of you are being asked to remember who you are and the strength, courage, and wisdom you possess. Please keep in mind as we move through this message, we are speaking to you as an individual, and as the world at large. The only challenge you have is not understanding that concept. Yes, we are speaking in riddles, for it is much more fun for you to figure them out.

Yesterday, Roger was attempting to send a communication about his online program, but ran into difficulties putting it together, and felt tremendous guilt or as if he had let himself down. Actually, we put a monkey wrench in things, for we wanted him to have this remembrance, for it will make it all much more powerful.
Over the years, we have told Roger often that he has a selective memory. At times it has served him well, for it allows him to move on from his past, as each of you must do. But there are other times where it can work against him and you. (Yes, we are speaking to that collective you.) None of you have meaningless experiences, and when you acknowledge that rather than judging them and believing you had done something wrong in your life, you aid the world in evolution.

Last night, after Roger accepted his original plan had been canceled, we led him to a television show that spoke of 1968. That year was one of the most challenging for him, and it felt as if there were no way out. It continued for many years after, but what occurred was Roger gained the wisdom of understanding how those events informed him of his life purpose, but it doesn’t do him or anyone else any good if he doesn’t remember. Roger thought his life was over as many of you may feel now. We wanted him to remember as it will help you all, and it will aid his program. Now he knows, as we have said to you all, you were being prepared for this time in your life, and that of the world. Now you might understand why we keep saying you will be fine.

We are so proud of you

We are so proud of you

July 26, 2020
We are so proud of you. Those are the words you will hear as you begin to do your job, as we have been urging you all to do. We are going to explain this in a way where so many of you will find great comfort, especially during this time of your personal and global evolvement.

We delivered a message yesterday entitled, "Please be your real self now." Some of you found it confusing, including Roger. None of you fully understand or accept the guidance you are provided throughout your lives. Still, then you "stumble" upon others such as Roger to offer illumination, which we must say is challenging for him as well, as it requires Roger to embrace his vulnerability.

Yesterday Roger was experiencing an emotionally challenging morning but at the same time held the belief that it was for some higher purpose, even though he didn’t know what that might be. Then Roger had a group call where several with whom he is working were having similar experiences, and he was able to assure them, even though he wasn’t sure himself. You know, just as you doubt yourself. Two people told him independently that they were operating in the same manner, and Roger knew that his example was making a difference.

Later that evening, Roger watched a video of one of the group meetings and wondered why he was continually smiling as others were speaking of difficulties they were having. Roger is so connected to us that no matter what he views through his human eyes, he can see the greater purpose even though he can’t always see it in himself. We have so much more, but we don’t want to make this a book, so we will leave you with this story to spark your internal remembrance of who you meant to be, and how when you begin doing it, you will hear your loving guides shouting the title of this message to you.

Roger was clearing out hundreds of emails last night as he tends to hide things from himself in confusion and clutter as you might at times. What he discovered was an email he sent to a friend as he had an experience that Roger didn’t understand then, but he does today. Roger heard us quite clearly give him the direction that was so loud he felt moved to write it down. Keep in mind this was five years ago, but trust us, we told him long before.

Roger asked the question, "Who am I?" Here is what we said.

October 24, 2015
You are a being who came forth into physical existence because you had the desire to expand emotionally. You wanted to experience every aspect of emotions, so to that end, you decided to be a sensitive. When you look up that term, you might be surprised at what new information you might gain.

You also knew that you would agree to allow yourself certain experiences that you knew would cause every imaginable emotion to be revealed to you in order to accomplish your goals. Now your purpose in doing all of this was not only for you but all others. This is why a natural calling for you was one of teacher, and that also explains why you decided to be born into a family with a history of teaching throughout your family dynamic.

You now have gained the experience you desired to do your work now, which is why your new path is unfolding.

Please become your real self now

Please become your real self now

July 25, 2020
Please become your real self now. This message is a difficult one for Roger to disseminate, so we take the reigns. We have often said that each of you was born with your "job" to do, and each one is important, and all add to the evolution of all that is. Most times, you reject the direction or guidance you are provided. No one could be a better example of this behavior than Roger.

We have spoken of Roger’s dislike of conspiracy theories, and he has asked those around him not to send them to him. We have told Roger that his "job" was to learn and teach empowerment. If you believe there is a conspiracy against you, you are not becoming empowered, and you have completely discounted the idea that you are all one. How could you conspire against yourself?

There are other elements of Roger’s personality and characteristics that have always informed him of what he was to do in this life, but he, like you, attempted to ignore them. One of his traits that he playfully attributes to his astrological sign of Scorpio is being a detective of sorts and his need to know the truth. Roger has often said that he doesn’t talk about what he does not know or experience.

We will tie all this together. Yesterday Roger received information on a conspiracy theory that began several years ago, and it was the genesis of what we referred to as the restructuring of your world. You have made it extremely easy to influence the minds of many due to your technology, and those who took advantage of this would somehow have the upper hand. Roger grew up before the Internet existed, so he relied on getting his information in other ways. When those theories began surfacing, Roger did his usual due diligence to find the truth.

When he completed his investigation and was satisfied with the results, he knew his attention now needed to go back to work he felt called to do, but the distractions persisted. They persisted because he was afraid to become himself. You each do this in your own ways, and we will leave you with the message we sent Roger to last night, which now he understands and feels he has accomplished.

December 28, 2018
You cannot have the experience of autonomy as you desired while at the same time needing others to agree with you or validate your choices. You were in conversation last night that brought this to your awareness.

You accept that you create your own reality, so you questioned why you would create one that felt challenging or that you were being judged or criticized. You created that because you wanted to own your truth and your life experience without having, or more importantly, needing the approval of others. You have continually struggled with this, but your awareness and acceptance now show you how much you have indeed progressed.

Your self-doubt was helpful

Your self-doubt was helpful

July 24, 2020
Your self-doubt was helpful. That sentence is one that each of you will come to understand, and as you do, you will begin to rejoice in the life you were given or have lived. We said that last sentence in that manner as some of you will come to know it in this lifetime and some in others. It is not essential to fully understand that now to gain value from this message. And there is some value for all, but we are also speaking to a few specifically.

This morning Roger came to his computer, and we placed in front of him a video by Paul Brunton entitled "The Short Path to Enlightenment." As Roger began to listen, the reason we wanted him to hear it became evident. Yesterday Roger began questioning our use of language. Roger wondered why we seemed to use words and a manner of speaking that felt antiquated at times. When he listened to Paul, he found a style that was more ancient than ours, and Roger knew that while he could understand all that Paul was saying, Roger knew that others wouldn’t.

Suddenly Roger realized why we called our work, "Empowerment Made Simple."

Over the last few weeks, Roger has had an incident with his thermostat, and he spoke of it in one of his groups but had not allowed us to talk about it because he still hadn’t answered the question, as most of you haven’t. Roger thought the temperature was too warm, so he went to turn on the thermostat, and as he outreached his hand, the thermostat came on. Then Roger thought it was now too cold, so he got up to turn it off, and as he outreached his hand, it turned off. We will tell you this occurred several times. Did he hold that power? That is the question you each are asking of yourselves continually.

We will now attempt to tie this all together, and as you make sense of it, you will know your life is not and never has been accidental. In 1987 Roger decided to write a song, and the title was "Better Than Me." Roger took the song to his friend, who is a music publisher for critique. Roger thought this was the best song ever, but the publisher said it made no sense to her, so it would not appeal to others. Then she told him, "everything in songwriting has already been written, and your job as a songwriter is to say it in a new way that will reach others." While the song’s full lyrics could be placed here, the essence was to answer the question, "who knows better than me?"

Roger has been attempting for decades to answer that question in all that he does and doubted his answers all the way, just as you have. But now he knows his doubt was helpful, and now he will have the courage to see that it was him holding power over the thermostat, just as you are.

You will no longer be angry when you finally start doing your job

You will no longer be angry when you finally start doing your job

July 23, 2020
You will no longer be angry when you finally start doing your job. It took Roger a while to settle on a title as we wanted one that would speak to many. We will, of course, use Roger as the example, but he is only that, and each of you is to find your truth within our words.

Yesterday morning Roger held group training, and the topic was to discuss what one might do next in their lives. It was one of the most fulfilling Roger had experienced as well as the attendees. Because Roger has had to answer that question and find his "new" direction so many times in his life, he knew he could be of benefit to others. We must say this is not a new discovery for him but one he is only recently willing to embrace. Many of you are doing the same now. And that is not accidental, and neither is the fact that it is occurring during your pandemic. Don’t worry; this will all make sense.

When Roger came to his computer this morning, he saw an email that he has yet to view, but Roger knew it contained his associate’s work. It signaled to Roger that he was finally doing his job for his encouragement of what he recognized within his associate was now becoming manifest. During the group session yesterday, we had Roger say to them all, "I can see your potential." Roger has known he possessed that ability but only began to own it, but he still doubts at times, just as you have done.

Then last night, his roommate told a story about an incident that occurred with his acting coach. At first, Roger let the story pass, but while in his bedroom, we told Roger to do his job and talk to his roommate and point out his resistance. You see, Roger has always seen his roommate’s potential as well, but he wasn’t doing his job entirely if he was unwilling to speak up.

This morning we led Roger to a video that he knows for sure he has heard, but it was published again today, and today it made sense to him. We did that because even though we have delivered that information to him for decades, it was easier for him to "hear" it from another source. You each need to have your instincts nurtured because you doubt them so much.

We used the word nurtured because it brings up your maternal nature, which is the feminine energy we have spoken of recently. When each of you does your jobs, you will embrace more of yourself, which is both masculine and feminine energy, and the balance you and the world have been seeking will be manifest. Not being angry is a good indication you are doing your job.

Your evolutionary process

Your evolutionary process

July 22, 2020
Your evolutionary process. We love this message so much even though we have yet to deliver it, but we also know that many, including Roger, will find such great comfort. Many times we say that we awakened Roger, but today we will say he awakened himself. We do mean that in various ways. Roger was quite restless and couldn’t sleep because he was seeking answers. On the other hand, we were not feeling that anxiety, for we know all is unfolding as it should and on time.

Yesterday Roger was sent and observed various information about the current conditions of your world, and many attributed it to some force attempting to exert control over the masses. Many believe those others are the ones who created the pandemic. Roger bristles when he hears those things, but the part that he, as you didn’t understand, is he is supposed to listen to those things, for it would cause him to come to know who he is and do his job.

Now you may wonder what his job might be as he asked as well, but we have told him for decades as your guides have told you. But due to your continuing lack of belief in yourself, you find it challenging to think you hold a vital role in this evolutionary process, yet you do. Evolution occurs through individuals making choices from the experiences that are presented to them. You are doing that now, and you have done it in other lifetimes. In those other lifetimes, you also might have been the opposite of who you might be now. While that may be challenging to understand, attempt to notice those traits, characteristics, likes, and dislikes that you cannot explain. They are guiding you to who you wanted to be in this lifetime. You use all those things to aid your personal evolution, which is also that of the world.

Now we will give you the cause of Roger’s restless as it might be yours. He has come to accept that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but he can’t understand why they don’t see he is right. That is Roger’s human thinking, and ours is you are all right, but what you are attempting to do is own your rightness. When you do that, you will allow others to do the same, and the healing that will manifest within you and the world will astound you.
We led Roger to videos this morning that "magically" answered his questions so that he might hear what we have told him for decades. Just do your job. We will leave you with a thread of messages if you choose to follow it, but please know that you have your thread to follow, it is essential to the evolutionary process, and you are right.
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