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Day: June 18, 2020

Please open your eyes

Please open your eyes

June 18, 2020
Please open your eyes. We went to extraordinary lengths to bring you this message, and we began last night as we want you to understand the complexity we wanted Roger to figure out so it would be more impactful for more of you.

Also, we know that many of you find value in our words, but today someone is reading this message who felt they "needed" to hear this, so please know you are acknowledged. You might notify Roger, as confirmation of our words is always helpful, as most of you know it helps spur you on. Still, part of the importance of this message and what we are saying to you is Roger no longer requires that confirmation, and those are the words you wanted to hear as you aspire to achieve that state of being.

Yesterday Roger had the carpets cleaned in his home, and while the worker was there, furniture was moved to make it easier. Roger sat on the sofa and flipped on the television. He wanted to change the channel and the volume, and neither were working. Roger thought maybe the batteries had died. He replaced them in one remote, and that didn’t make a difference. Then Roger changed the batteries in the other remote as he thought maybe the other was broken. Then Roger looked up and saw an art piece strategically placed in front of the sensor for the television, so the signal was blocked. Of course, it wouldn’t work.

Your signals have been blocked, and once you trust yourself, you will see clearly. Roger felt as some of you also do now that his time has finally come. That state of being is true for each of you if you decide to believe it. We are saying this as you are needed now, and again please remember, we mean you individually and your world as a whole. Those of you who needed this message heard that.

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