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Day: June 17, 2020

You are the chosen one

You are the chosen one

June 17, 2020
You are the chosen one. We must tell you; it took Roger quite a while to allow those words to come through for the same reason you had difficulty receiving them yourself. Those words are extracted from certain religious teachings, and you each have attached your own interpretation as to what they mean, and we will tell you your understanding has always been limited. The current conditions you and your world are experiencing were born from not understanding this concept. Please keep in mind that we still use the sentiment of the collective you, and will continue to do so.

Yesterday Roger was interviewed by an eighteen-year-old gentleman from Brazil. The man contacted Roger the day before, and Roger didn’t know why they chose him but didn’t question it further. Roger was astonished by the awareness this young person possessed and, at one point, even remarked, "I wasn’t doing anything like this at eighteen." Roger said those words from a known place to him of self-judgment or somehow thinking he had not lived up to his potential, or that others possessed more than him even at a young age. Those are the thoughts you each carry, and none of them are valid. Subsequently, the man asked Roger to be his mentor. You each old that obligation in your lives as well.

Later the young man invited Roger to a group discussion with others from around the world this young man had managed to pull together in a group to discuss personal development while using the study of English to do so. When he finished with his client, Roger joined the group, and the members were obviously foretold of his arrival and awaited with eager anticipation to hear what this mentor might have to say. None of that felt right to Roger, but he still spoke for a bit and excused himself as he usually does because he, as each of you, never believes you are the chosen one.

Yes, we were clever and told you that long story to make a point, so now reread it, and the reason will become clear.

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