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Day: June 16, 2020

Why we said, you wanted this

Why we said, you wanted this

June 16, 2020
Why we said, you wanted this. Yes, we are referring to the current times, and we are using the collective sentiment of the word you throughout this message. Part of the genesis of this message was Roger’s guilt.

Last night Roger received a call from a friend experiencing emotional turmoil due to the world conditions and feeling a sense of doom. Another called who was experiencing emotional pain due to the ending of a relationship. Roger helped each through their ordeals, and then questioned why he was able to do that. Roger also wondered why he was experiencing these current times differently than most. This morning we told him, and now he wants to tell those of you who may be experiencing similar doubts as you are being asked to step up to your life purpose. We meant every one of those words.

We told Roger to search our messages for the phrase, "you wanted." You can do the same if you wish, and what you will discover is we have said those words for decades. It is only now that they make sense. We will explain our philosophy for each of you, and it may mitigate some of your uncertainty and surprising feeling of guilt.

You were born to accomplish or achieve certain things you wanted. You knew there would some experiences that would help you more than others, so you agreed to have them. You knew some would be fearful, challenging, depressing, painful, and also joyful, exhilarating, and uplifting. Then you knew that if you allowed yourself to accept and move through this evolution process, you would evolve, and so would the world as you are all one.

Now we are quite clever, so go back and reread this message and think of the collective you, and you will mitigate your current level of fear. Some of you have also recognized your mission.

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