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Day: June 14, 2020

Your voice is still needed now

Your voice is still needed now

June 14, 2020
Your voice is still needed now. We could not have planned the timing of this message any better. Roger began receiving our message this morning and thought it sounded familiar, so he searched our messages. Roger found we had delivered a message with the same title, so he added the word still to this one in the hope it informs you all of the resistance you hold in accepting yourselves. That sentence will make sense before the end of this message.

Earlier in the week during one of his classes, Roger decided to reveal that he would be turning seventy years old this November. The meeting was captured in a video, which we would love for him to save for the look of shock on the faces of his clients is priceless. The reason humans have difficulty discussing or revealing their ages is that they still believe they die, which you do not. Roger also understands that most do not hold the view of life or death that he does, but that scenario has caused him to withhold his voice where it would be helpful to all others.

When we began delivering this message, Roger was interrupted by his roommate experiencing troubling thoughts. Roger instantly told him to go into them, embrace them, and they will dissipate. While that advice isn’t readily accepted by most, it will be once they try it as did his roommate. See the value of aging?

The point of this message and the "two" titles is this. Your voice is important in your life and the world. Your real voice will only deliver uplifting, everlasting thoughts, and beliefs to you. And your voice will make a difference in your life and that of others once you stop withholding it. Your real voice is always benevolent even when you aren’t. Also, we said the timing could not have been better due to your world’s conditions at this very moment.

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