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Day: June 12, 2020

The reason you are afraid

The reason you are afraid

June 12, 2020
In this message, many of you may discover or uncover some causes for your challenges during your lifetime. Yesterday we mentioned Roger had allowed us greater freedom of expression by not being tied to old ways of being and delivering our messages. Roger found the experience himself quite liberating. He even noted that it saved him time, and he could accomplish much more. Yesterday afternoon, Roger had his weekly meeting with his group of coaches. One of the coaches decided to share a channeled message they received, which included a visitation by Napoleon Hill. Keep in mind; we have referenced Napoleon many times. That coach’s sharing allowed Roger to acknowledge and own us. That sentence was vital for you to understand. When the entire event and day completed, Roger felt that he moved into a new dimension of his life, which also felt exhilarating.

You might think that because Roger experienced this new feeling of freedom, empowerment, and expression, that he would want to maintain it. You would think this morning he would jump into this new process with glee and excitement. And there you would be wrong. Roger’s "old" method, as constricting as it might have been, was still familiar and safe. Please study that sentence and allow it to sink in. The reason we say that is it will help you as you move through these current world changes. It might also be helpful now for you to remember that we are referring to the collective you, which includes your individual life.

You, the world, have feared the unknown so much, that even when granted freedom, you cling to the old. Go back within this message and note where we placed the quotation marks. Be patient.

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