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Day: June 11, 2020

You and the world are changing

You and the world are changing

June 11, 2020

You and the world are right on schedule. Today it wasn’t that Roger was hesitant to receive these words, but we gave him so much information that he wasn’t sure he was up to the job of delivering it effectively, just as each of you has done in your lives when you view who you think you want to be.

Since 1988 Roger has allowed our presence to be known but never fully trusted our guidance, as you have not believed your own. As the world changes, so do you. None of you are here alone, and not understanding that principle makes your journey a bit more challenging. Roger began to receive us through a process called automatic writing. Those words and title were more acceptable to him because it sounded more scientific rather than airy-fairy. We are not mincing words today.

Now to alert you to the manner in which many of you are changing with the world, we are changing Roger. He believed that the only method we could be heard was by writing in longhand. We told him to type, which is what you are reading now because we want him to change. Roger had developed a limiting belief; there was only one way to do this. Much like you have been stuck in your rigid ways of doing things. You and the world are changing. Oh, and next, Roger will be verbally delivering our words consciously even though he can’t operate without hearing us even when he pretends he doesn’t. You know, like when you pretend you do not hear your internal guidance.

Some time ago we told you we had much more to say so we needed to find more efficient ways and this is one. Also, Roger was running out of space in his cabinet to store our more than thirty years of communications. More than a year ago, we told you Roger found himself watching documentaries of history and past world leaders. We had him do that to prepare him for this very moment. We gave a message years ago entitled, "you were being prepared." We were speaking to him and all of you, and we meant this very moment in time. Now you will see what you do with your state of preparedness; after all, you still have free will to chose the reality you want.

We have much more, but today we want to leave you with this. We began with the element of time because most of you can only relate to linear time, which is a purposeful arrangement, but trust us, everything is occurring now. As you examine your world, you will see the changes happening that you wanted, and you wanted to be on the planet at this time to help them along. The way you accomplish this is by finally deciding to be yourself. It should come as no surprise to you that we end with that sentiment because we always will.

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