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Day: June 10, 2020

You have never done anything wrong, and here’s why

You have never done anything wrong, and here’s why

June 10, 2020
You have never done anything wrong, and here’s why. Each of you is experiencing self-reflection, as we have mentioned. You can’t be alive today without witnessing the global change. Due to the current conditions and the fear of the unknown, you will do more of a life review. You will find coming to the surface thoughts of regret, failures, or missed opportunities. None of those things occurred.

You were meant to live lives of self-exploration for the purpose of expansion, which causes you and the world to evolve. Anything you thought was a mistake was guidance pointing you in the right direction. Everything you thought was lost was so you could find what you have. And every judgment you received was for you to come to love and accept yourself.

We could go on, but as Roger saw this morning, we already have. At first, he thought we were leading him to the messages, "please do your job," as there were a few. You may search for them if you like. We are leaving the initiative up to you. But what we wanted him to find was the message we will place here, and please attempt to accept every word.

The Treasure Hunt
June 6, 2017

The scenario is you decide that you want to go on a treasure hunt. You do this for several reasons, and they include the adventure of discovery along the way, and then ultimately reaching that place where you discover the treasure. You know the elation that you experience with that discovery.

Now that scenario is and has been your life. You sought that treasure, and it became necessary for you to have the adventures of discovery along the way, and to your surprise, you discover that the treasure was within you.

You only discover that when you fully accept who you are. This is what you have been up to, and you knew you were doing it for yourself and all others.

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