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Day: June 9, 2020

You didn’t know any better

You didn’t know any better

June 9, 2020
You didn’t know any better. Now you will come to understand why of late we have spoken of the collective you, meaning, you individually and the world as a whole. When you examine your life now, and that of the world, you may begin to make come correlations and possibly reach a new level of self-acceptance, and now we will explain that sentence.

Yesterday Roger was intrigued by the recent discussions, especially in the US of defunding police departments. Upon hearing those words, so many made decisions as to whether or not they would support such an idea. Roger recognized he was not informed on this subject, but through a bit of investigation, surprisingly, Roger found the premise behind this idea is something we have spoken of often. First, we said you would come to embrace your feminine nature and, by a natural result, leads you to embrace humanity, meaning all of you.

We began with the first sentence as we would like each of you to use those words as a perfectly good reason to practice self-forgiveness diligently. You didn’t know the power you held, but that is what life is meant to provide you. Roger experienced this yesterday, and he almost left it out of this conversation as he, like you, tends to deny what might be available to him. Two people who have spoken with us previously connected last night. One called, and the other said we talked to them without Roger. All of you would do well now to begin to allow yourself access to your innate power. Roger attempted to leave this message before he did the last thing we wanted, which is to leave the words the one client sent to him in a text message. We want him to use the exact words, and keep in mind this was after a very short conversation. It doesn’t take much time to come to awareness when you are willing.

The text message:
Wilhelm lessons and what I took away from this.
Get to know yourself better, and the better you align with yourself, the strong the electromagnetic signals will attract the people that need what you are offering and vice versa. Be true to you, and the rest will follow. You have to package it in a way, not that tailor to them or the current people around you, but package it in a way that is true to yourself and those that it will serve or benefit will come to you.

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