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Day: June 7, 2020

Why we said, your success was inevitable

Why we said, your success was inevitable

June 7, 2020
Why we said, your success was inevitable. Yes, we did say that, and we have said it many times, and we’ll explain why. We have often stated that Roger sometimes takes quite a while to compose the messages, and sometimes it is because we are giving him so much information that he is attempting to deliver in an understandable manner. But more times than not, it is due to his unwillingness to believe us. You each have lived lives where you doubted yourselves, what you felt you were to do in your life, or, more importantly, that you are the one to do what it was that you felt. Please don’t discard that last sentence.

We have often spoken of the program Roger is creating that is focused on empowerment. Mind you, we gave Roger all this information, but you might have gathered from our previous statement that he didn’t believe us. We have also spoken of the author Napoleon Hill who Roger followed quite early in his journey into personal development. In the group of coaches with whom Roger works, they decided to explore Hill’s work, "The Law of Success." Roger was assigned two chapters to speak on and offer further clarification. Roger kept putting off reading or listening to the material. Roger has done this many times in his life, and it always seemed inexplicable, until now.

When Roger finally listened to the material last night, he heard information that any of you might hear at this moment and think it was written yesterday instead of 1928. Because Roger listened to this information and it came from sources other than him or us, he is willing to believe it. Now maybe you will be ready to believe us.

During this time, you are in solemn self-examination, and we will tell you this. Any idea you had about who you were to be in this life was correct. Any grand creation you held was purposeful, and you had the ability to do it all. Every wild dream you held, you were to manifest. The only question that is before you now, and which only you can answer is, will you do it now?

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