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Day: June 6, 2020

Your failure is not possible

Your failure is not possible

June 6, 2020
Your failure is not possible. We have waited quite a while to deliver this message, and many of you will be grateful. If you have followed us for a bit, you might have noticed we began referring to the collective you. The reason we did that was to prepare you to receive this message.

None of you are on the earth doing anything by yourselves. You are a part of a grand collective, and you contribute to that very collective energy through the actions you take in your life. The world is currently experiencing what appears to be chaos, destruction in some ways, but more prominently, if you haven’t noticed, unity. The reason this is occurring is too many humans had lost sight of the goal for their human experiences, which was to become more and evolve, and that is difficult when you fail to recognize your connection with all others.

If you think about that last sentence deeply, eventually, you come to understand you can draw energy from others as you are all connected. Again, many feared others would take energy from them, which led to your current disturbances. We told you a while back that during this time, you might experience financial losses or gains. Whichever you had will alert you to the fact of if you are following your path or not. If you are, you will have more, and the collective expands as well as you.

We will prove it to you as it is occurring for Roger as we said it would, and now we are giving him this direction. Roger mentioned last night he was going to add one of our processes from his program to his Facebook group. We want him to use the one on the energy of money. More of you will receive great benefit from it, especially during these current times. You will not fail.

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