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Day: June 4, 2020

Things may get worse, but they always get better

Things may get worse, but they always get better

June 4, 2020
Things may get worse, but they always get better. We used subjective words here, and each of you will find your own interpretation, as you do with everything. At this moment, you might examine your world and believe everything is getting worse in your personal and global experience, or you may look at the world and believe things are getting better.

We have only one opinion which we will offer, and you each will make your own choice, again, as you always do. But during these current times, your choice will be more consequential. To explain what we mean, we will leave you with a message we delivered years ago.

July 20, 2014
At times, you may seem to have many different choices to make when presented with any situation, circumstance, or event in your life, but the fact is you only have two choices, and those are love or fear.
This is not referring to any relationship outside of yourself; it is merely referring to the choices you make regarding you.

You choose love when you decide to be who you are precisely, and you choose fear when you attempt to hide or discount who you are. You would do well to revisit the book “Love is Letting Go of Fear” to remind yourself of what you discovered many years ago but at times ignore or attempt not to notice.

When confronted with any conflict, either in your personal experience or what you observe in your world, you still only have those two choices.

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