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Day: June 2, 2020

O, ye of little faith

O, ye of little faith

June 2, 2020
O, ye of little faith. This morning we led Roger to those words due to a conversation he had with another yesterday. You all are experiencing events that can be frightening or empowering. We know that sentence may not make sense now, but it will.

The title of this message is a reference to words uttered by Jesus. You will find many interpretations of the precise words, but that in and of itself will tell you that you are the one who has been interpreting all of your experiences, including your beliefs about yourself. That phrase has taken on a colloquial or sarcastic meaning as well. You will use that phrase to tempt someone to doubt your abilities. You are the only one who doubts your abilities.

The other reason the phrase is important is it points out to you all the essential ingredient in causing any change to occur, which is faith. When you understand the power of your thoughts individually, and the cumulative collective power of the thoughts of all, you might decide it would be best to have faith you are moving in the right direction, for you are.

Since we are on a path this morning, we had Roger think of another saying, and when you put them together, you will not only have the solution to your life challenges but to those of the world. "The wheels of justice turn slowly." There is more to the phrase, but we will add, they slowly turn because you fear change and have little faith. We are proud of that one.

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