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Day: May 28, 2020

Now you will have fun

Now you will have fun

May 28, 2020
Now you will have fun. It took a while for Roger to allow us to say those words, as he is always more concerned about the feelings of others than himself. Roger understands that many people are experiencing fear and uncertainty, coupled with financial insecurity. Roger also knows his "job," as we have often said, is to offer new information or a different perspective.

What is occurring for every soul is an examination of self. You want to know if your life matters or if you are fulfilling your purpose. We have also told you that one measure you have that will inform you is how you feel. Yesterday Roger launched a program, and this morning discovered it had been successful. But, he also had a more significant realization, and that is now he will have fun.

What Roger has created makes him accountable to other people, and as strange as it sounds, that is fun for Roger. The point of this message is that each of you possesses abilities, talents, and skills, you might have judged to be a bit weird, different, or not significant. Here’s the clincher. If those things caused you to feel good and have fun, your original assessment was wrong. The pandemic might help you to see this finally.

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