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Day: May 27, 2020

If you do it, eventually it will work

If you do it, eventually it will work

May 27, 2020
If you do it, eventually it will work. Some time ago, we gave you a message entitled, "If you build it, they will come." That message was a take on a saying from a popular film we felt would resonate with more of you. This message is taking on the same subject, as most of you have difficulty believing this premise.

When you are born, you have inclinations of who you might be, become, achieve, or do in your life. However, you move through your lives, doubting those feelings, or never believing you are capable of doing what you want or have the ability. Because you have also grown fearful of the unknown, you are hesitant to venture beyond what is already known and experienced. You don’t know where your actions might lead you, so you don’t take any.

Since Roger is experiencing proof of what we had given you all some time ago, he will serve as an excellent example and inspiration to you all. We will leave that message here as you all may understand it more now, but Roger will surely.

November 12, 2018
You fought with us this morning in an attempt not to allow this message to come through, but now you will see that you and all others do this all the time. The first thing you heard was this sentence. You will have all the money you could ever want when you stop keeping it away.

You and others do not want to acknowledge this because then you begin to judge yourselves and ask why you might have done this. You all do it for your individual reasons, and you only need to understand and accept yours.

You have set up a reward system in your life, and you have used money as the reward you receive when you allow yourself to accept, become, and be who you are. Every soul will find their reasons, but now you can never ignore yours. Your example will help all others. Rich is good.

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