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Day: May 26, 2020

Your emotionally uncomfortable experiences are typically the most productive

Your emotionally uncomfortable experiences are typically the most productive

May 26, 2020
Your emotionally uncomfortable experiences are typically the most productive. We are going to give you quite a bit today, so accept as much as you can. Many of you might find this challenging because you don’t believe anything is occurring outside of your physical world experience, which is entirely acceptable and necessary for the evolvement of all. Others will find this information to be welcomed relief, for you knew there were things you didn’t understand or couldn’t quite explain.

You may think that because Roger is delivering our words that he accepts and believes them and there, you would be wrong, and now you will understand why. We will begin with a premise we have used often. You each were born with specific things you desired to achieve and accomplish. You will always do so. You have no memory of what exactly you might do in your life, but you do feel something. You begin to think that maybe you didn’t get that "special" gene others might have been born with, and that is also never true. You merely needed to be awakened, as we did with Roger in the wee hours of the morning. We made is also physically uncomfortable so he couldn’t sleep, and this is when he could hear us. Many times you may have wondered about your sleepless nights. They are always meant to capture your attention. As you move through your life, you begin to awaken more, but when that occurs, as it did with Roger, you begin to judge yourselves and curtail the progress you have made.

While this could be a book, we’ll deliver it in small doses. This morning we "magically" had Roger come upon a video he did with information we gave him on selective memory. He then searched our messages to find that message and discovered we had given many over decades. We will leave one here, but the bottom line is this. You will have uncomfortable emotional experiences when you find out how you have been holding yourself back. But remember the timing of this is perfect, as you get to move forward now.

March 21, 2015
You hold what could be thought of as a selective memory because you fear certain emotions that might be attached, if you will, to past experiences and events of your life. This manner of operating prevents you from gaining the most value from your very own past.

In other words, all your past experiences and events, even the ones that you have deemed to have been difficult or painful, always brought you greater awareness and wisdom, which is how you have evolved and expanded. When you label some of them as "bad," you neglect to gain their benefit, and this is why you have attempted to pretend they never occurred.

Now, something that will quick start your expansion is when you allow yourself to remember them and can look at all of your experiences from a distance and seek to know how they are helping you now; because they are.

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